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New to all this!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Brett Harrison, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Hi.

    Myself and SWMBO are getting into biking.........I said I wanted to, never thought she'd want to, but then one look at the bikes and she insisted. Double the cost but hopefully four times the fun.

    Course booked, bikes sourced plus the all important safety gear. Can't wait. Both in our late forties so old farts to be kicking off this activity. We are good listeners and good learners. Three years restriction in Vic, which won't bother us. Looking at CBR500R's so that will be plenty for me anyway.

    It's says "newbie" ........you better believe it!

  2. Welcome, never too late.
  3. Welcome! From one newbie to another.
  4. Wot 'e said, you're never too late to start riding. Welcome to NetriderNetrider
  5. Welcome Brett, and also to your better half. Where abouts in Victoria are you?
  6. welcome aboard :]and I second the never to late motion
  7. kittens
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  8. Lots of good runs out that way, down through Wandong and on to Whittlesea is good. Whittlesea to Strath Creek and then Broadford. The run over from Wallan to Romsey.
  9. Welcome Brett,
    Similar story here, but a few years ago. Mine never followed through and got a license though.
    Hopefully she'll have another go in the coming years.
  10. Welcome to NR.... Times 2.

  11. Welcome to the nuthouse.
    Me and the better half also on a 5 year plan to end up touring. Good luck.
  12. Welcome to NR ! What a wonderful thing for the two of you to be able to experience together !