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New to all this.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rolkus, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Hi guys and gals,

    My names Michael and I just purchased my first bike: a 2002 Kawasaki ZZ-R250. I'm pretty pumped, but don't have my license just yet, but booked in -- less than two weeks away.

    I have absolutely no knowledge about bikes other than they're invisible to 'cage' drivers and can be extreemly dangerous. I understand the risks regarding bikes and have every intention of becoming a safe rider through experience and advice from veterans.

    Other than that, I work retail in Epping currently (Live in Wyndham Vale, so it's a bit of a commute) and I do freelance photography in my spare time which I thoroughly enjoy -- can't wait to come along to rides and photograph a plethora of bikes.

    Previously I was a member of a car club, specifically Commoddores (it's been so long, I probably misspelt that) -- but I haven't owned a Holden for over 6 years and have been in love with my XR6, which I am selling to justify the bike to the missus (Plus I'll just steal her car if I need it).

    I found the website by accident -- searching for places that sell gear, and found a link to one through a post, which I bought all my gear today.

    Cheers guys, and glad to be part of the small community you've got here.

  2. Welcome to NR Michael, and the wonderful world of 2 wheels!

    Very serendipitous of you finding us!
  3. Check out threads and posts from boy.racer

    He seems very safety conscious:D:D:D

    Seriously, I'd start with the Noob cornering threads if you haven't found them yet.
  4. Hey there. Welcome to NR. I'm fairly new myself, but have found so much helpful information here. So much knowledge floating around!
    I also have a 2002 ZZR250, not a bad bike. Great to learn on!
    How is the XR6? I drive an SV6 ute, apparently a lot less balls than the ford...
  5. Thank's guys. Been sifting through the forum for information, all very valuable... well most of it ;)

    Stokepaz - XR6 is great, a lot of power, but I drive a 1996 (EF) -- Not anything recent, and it's done its fair share of K's.
  6. Welcome Rolkus :D

    Hope you enjoy the time around here. What sort of helmet did you get?
  7. Well what isnt valuable on here is usually pretty entertaining anyway!

    Was up in Cairns early Jan and hired an XR6, apart from it being black (looked good but ridiculously hot!) I was very impressed with the car.
  8. welcome Michael, motorcycles are not dangerous. but people can be. are you dangerous?
    if it was the danger element that originally enticed you, then you will need to work hard on your self discipline in order to be a good rider and keep riding for a long time. once you have mastered this, the only dangers are external. no guarantees, but you can learn to evade and avoid external dangers.
  9. Hi Michael and wlecome to NR. If you are comfortable on the Freeway get yourself down for the Saturday morning practice sessions at St Kilda. If you aren't confortable getting there alone put up a post in the thread and you will probably get a volunteer to escort you.

    If you are able to ride at speed limits and corner at posted advisory speeds there are also pretty regular Sunday Learner friendly rides which you could go on.
  10. Thanks guys.

    MONKEYMAN - moreso not bikes that are dangerous, just the environment they're in, if you get what I mean? Keen to develop skills to help navigate and survive the roads!

    GreyBM - Unfortunately, one of the silly things working in retail is working weekends, I have, however got Sunday's off -- but I sacrifice my Saturdays to the devil. Keen for the Sunday's one comfortable with my bike, but will do my best!
  11. Hi Michael and welcome to Netrider mate.
  12. Got my licence tomorrow! With plans to pick my bike up afterwards!
  13. How did it all go mate?