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New tires?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. What are peoples opinions on brand new tires? They generally feel greasy to touch - is it generally accepted they should be tiptoed around for the first few kms? I'd love to know before I drive my new R6 out of the showroom next week so i don't wreck it.

    The reason I ask is that I have lost a bike low side around a 90 degree corner at 25 kph on a good road, with a bike that hadn't been ridden for about a year. Anyone had the same experience with slippery new/long stagnant tires?

  2. I usually take it a bit easier the first 10 ks odd just to get the skin off then ride as normal.One of my mates just guns it straight away and has never had a problem.Each to their own i guess m8. 8)
  3. i work in the rubber industry. When rubber is cured a "waxy" surface is created, you must remove the wax from the tyre to gain maximum grip. this is called scrubbing in a tyre.
  4. Most bike shops will caution you to take it easy for the first hundred kms or so til they are 'scrubbed in'. I know some people use sandpaper to take the grease off (and also tomake it look as though they can ride :roll: , but any self respecting rider can pick one of those a mile away! :LOL: :wink: ). Don't know about leaving tyres on for a year and then riding....maybe the off had more to do with tyre pressure after a longish layoff?

    :D :D :D
  5. I suppose that there are as many opinions on this subject as there are types of tyres. Usually, it pays to take it easy til the tyres are warmed up. It's good practice on new or worn tyres.

    As an example, I fitted two new tyres, Michelin Pilot Roads, to my CBR1000. The next day I rode the bike to Warnambool, along the GOR, etc. It rained most of the way. The bike didn't exhibit any tendancies to slide any more than it would've on older tyres. I just took it easy for the first 100 kays, or about an hour's freeway and twisties riding.
  6. if any rubber has been left too long and gone hard get newies for the bike or car.

    if you are really going to flogg them on a dry road they are 'ok' because with the extra heat they go a bit soft but they are nowhere as good as newies and care should still be taken. oh and dont even think about riding old hard rubber in the rain its tantamount to suicide unless you cover them in shellite and light it to warm them up ;)

    if you can, try and do a deal with the dealer for some new boots and use the old rear for the obligatory burn out shots :D
  7. I find the rolling burnout is the most satisfying way to "prepare" a rear tyre for changing :wink:

    I demonstrated for all on the last Reefton ride :p

    hehehe....ok...the real reason was i had to one up Slic (as if my unmatchable speed wasnt enough :D) hahahaha
  8. If you wish to see what one of these looks like, come to the next coffee night. Theres this shitty ducati there that has this done to it. The rider is such a goof, reckons we dont know, but we do.

  9. I got new Pilot Powers for my bike last week, from Redwing Honda, and they applied some solution (although I can't remember what it was called), that apparently aids in removing most of the release compound residue on the tyre, and makes them slightly tacky. Although they still recommended taking it easy for a bit.

    The tyres worked great right from the start, although I was still a little cautious for the first couple of rides
  10. I'll get you boyo....if you have a look at my tyres, you'll see they are not quite scrubbed all the way around :oops: :p . It'll happen one day.....must not work so much.....

    :D :D :D
  11. I got an angle grinder you can borrow then u can scrub em right to the ends like I er.........
  12. I'd take the care/trouble to take it easy to 'scrub' it in first. Won't hurt me - and if others have no probs from no scrubbin', good luck to them.

    A quicker way for me is to let the tyre down some and ride it. Covers a larger area and a heavier scrubbing I guess. But take care as it affects your handling. If you have this in mind, it should be ok.

  13. pity the old girl was a 1984 yamaha sr 250 - barely gets off the line, let alone smokin! :LOL:
  14. You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!!!!
    Why not just throw the bike on the ground !
    sometimes the advise in this forum is frightful.
  15. I would of thought the running in process would of been enough to fairly well scrub the new tyres in on the new R6. After all it's not like you are going to go nuts the first 1000k's

  16. I've been told to take it easy for the first 200km on any new tyre. The last few times I've had tyres fitted it has rained the same day. Cautious riding has kept me safe so far.
  17. 200ks is excessive imo,tyres should scrub within the first 10ks man,just head for the hills! :D 8)
  18. WTF :shock: my tyres are almost fooked at 1000 Ks :p
  19. Well stop doing burnouts SBK! :D