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New tires make me broke, but happy!

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by Danos, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. It doesnt have to be another tire thread, im just mentioning this for other noobs that dont know about tire importance.

    Today i bought a pair of Dunies road smart and i am blown away by the difference it made to my riding. I am very happy. I wore the shine off to the rim today in about 30 minutes which i hadnt done on the previous set. I can actually feel (and hear) the stick threshold when i corner.

    I was on the ol' stock Dunies which i didnt realize how crap they were (especially when they were non street legal worn - the guy at Peter Stevens took one look at them and confirmed it) and now i feel like my bike is reborn again.

    Under-inflated worn crap tires make it very hard to ride and dangerous. Today i got my knee very close to the ground and the new grip has boosted my confidence and increased the joy. I was lucky not to slap on the junk slicks i was riding.

    Dont ignore any technical aspects of the bike newbies, Im lucky to have dudes like Bam bam fix my chain and tell me that my tires are eft', otherwise i may be writing something else or worse yet flying with the angels..

    I never thought id spend more on 2 tires than on 4 for a car. "Ouch" cried the wallet..

    Im a :newb: and im excited, get over it!
  2. You will enjoy the roadsmarts,they are an underated tyre especially by the pilot road 2 fanatics.I have run 5 sets of roadsmarts and have no intension of changing.Wait till you get to try them out in the wet,If you do a fair bit of twistie riding you will wear out the sides of the front tyre before the back.
  3. OMFG!!!

    Dude, if your bike tyres are more expensive than your car tyres, WTF are you putting on your car?

  4. You said it, you're a commuter, you NEED good rubber. Money well spent IMHO.

    You were doing really well on what you had on Tuesday, I can't wait to see you riding with good tyres.

  5. Well at first i was going to get the pilot road 2's but i heard from a few people and reviews that the Dunies road smart will do the same job if not slightly better (could just come down to personal choice) and they were available today, so i thought id give them a try.

    Next time i'll try the PR2's and judge for my self. The DRS's were dearer. Your right about the front tire too, i was amazed how much wear i put on them in just half an hour of leaning action. I hope they dont wear too quick, i thought it would be more like 2 rears to 1 front.

    It'll be interesting to see how they hold up in the wet, ive heard good things. the stock tires were horrible in the wet.

    Ha ha Mr I, yeah i used to have a little 4 cylinder and i would only buy the cheapest Chinese tires i could. I never cared so much as the car wasnt anything special but i could get a set for under $450 easily. Well that was 3 years ago now, i just stick to 2 wheels now.

    Cars are an endless money pit that take up too much space. I only miss it during snow or hail storms but then i ride in peek hour traffic and the feelings long gone.
  6. Cheers Dazz, i appreciate all the advice i get from you more experienced riders, im a freaking fool riding the way i was with my previous tires. I just hope i dont have to write off 2 CB400's to get as good as Nibs on those twisties :p

    Now THAT will hurt the wallet..

    I hope the next ride comes soon because im off to Canberra in 3 weeks permanently. I'll come back in 5 years on a 675 Street Triple and see if i can keep up with Bamm Bamm!
  7. For gawds sake check everything is done up again properly - chain tensioners, axel nut, anything they would have touched for the job and even stuff they had no reason to. Too many scary stories about bikes coming out of that workshop. Just ask Loz, for one.
  8. Are you serious? It costs me over $500 for new front and rear on the bike, around $400 for 4 new 15" tyres fitted and balanced on the car .......
  9. Same. I would imagine anything over 15 inches and the price starts moving. can easily be upwards of $600 a set
  10. Hey I resemble that comment :)

    You may have only gone through 3 sets of PR2's though :p
  11. Yup. I always pay around $1200 for tyres on the cars, they were decent but about $100 per tyre off the top line stuff. I used to go through 2 sets a year on my last car, the wife is gentler with hers.

    From your post i see it's the size thing that i didn't think about. I didn't realise 15's still existed, i keep thinking everyone has 18's. Fark me $400 all fitted, nicely done, much cheaper than 'la la land' where i live lol =D>
  12. I have the Roadsmarts and they tempt me to explore the sports side of my sports touring bike more than the last stock set of BT20's. They seem like a very good tyre.
  13. If i wasnt keen on pilot powers for an overall tyre what makes you think that i would be happy with one level down in a mitchy.Considering the amount of twistie stuff i do as well as the total amount of ks,average 35,000 a year the roadsmarts suit me and the zx9 perfectly.