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new tire

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Timmy_0_T00l, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. hello all
    i own a hyosung gt250r and im looking at replacing my rear tire so im just here asking for the opinions and recomendations of what tire i should replace the original with

    thanks for any replys
  2. Buy a prominent brand. You have enough Korean Crap in your life already.
  3. Dunlop Alpha GPR10's if you want a really sticky tyre. But there expensive and wont last very long.

    Pirrelli Sports Demons if you want something in the middle. Good amount of grip and excellent lifespan.
  4. conti sport attacks or race attacks

    but imo waste of money on a hyo :p
  5. Whichever tyre you choose, get a dual compound type. I have conti road attack and my traction is fine - they're bulk ace!
    ( blatant over promotion of my choice of tyre... )
  6. What are you using the bike for? Trackdays, commuting, random burnouts?

    This will help.
  7. Trackdays Really slow)and burnouts on a hyosung :LOL:
  8. Yeah, fair point, I guess we'll go with commuting :grin:

    Bridgestone BT45's work real well on the ZZR, not too expensive either.
  9. Anything but dunnies.
  10. For a very brief moment there I had a mental image of two outdoor toilets in place of wheels.. took me a couple of seconds to rid myself of that image.
  11. Something similar to this perhaps

  12. Nothing wrong with GPR 100's or the Alpha 10's someone mentioned earlier
  13. ps. Conti's don't make dual compounds. Even the race attacks and sport attacks arent. They got some new technology thing called Black Chili that make it a gradual compound.

    That's what someone told me. A friend that actually sells contis