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new thread [ sorta ] IT help reqd

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I'll be the 1st to bypass the server problems :p

    On Sunday I must have had a system auto update happen [ could of sworn I had that turned off grrrrrr ]

    Since then, net is working fine as are other programs and I can receive emails BUT not send :evil:

    The TCP/IP file is missing :shock:
    I can find it via system/devices/hidden devices/non working PnP devices
    Winsock checks out ok, and I can find TCP/IP and try to load it via windows/inf. which seems to work until reboot, then it disappears again :evil:

    I've trolled Google re XP TCP/IP problems and tried some of the fixes with no avail. Can anyone help before I either reload my older XP disk or hit the dreaded F/Disk :? :LOL:

  2. just have to get a generator!!!!!

  3. Yeah, fcuk that work can't do without you bull, I have had that crap before, if they aren't good enough to manage a business probperly, let them lay the guilt trip at someone else's feet.
    I had that evolve to no time off for 18 months, and a permanent RSI, then got the boot when someone cheaper finally replied to an ad!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Just do the usual Bob, two coconuts and a packet of frozen peas, just like you told McGuyver to do when he rang you!
  5. Re: Im so peaved

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    Sorry Bob ... but GEEZ !! talk about bad luck,,,, ](*,) You must have run over a leprecon in a past life [-X :driver:
  6. a ($100)300watt inverter will run the austar box, and the tv easy!
    i got one in my ute :)
  7. *edit* Too damn quick Joel.

    Get yourself one of these.....(jaycar electronics $139.95)


    and im sure you got one of these floating around somewhere.....


    And VOILA!! MOTOGP for you!!
  8. It's no guilt trip, I volunteered to cancel as I know I cant be spared atm, were a new depot and a two man team looking after a hire fleet of 57 heavy plant machines. Every other depot has an average of 1 mechanic to 10 machines. Coffs was never expected to take of the way it has. We move into new premises next week with new extra staff being interviewed in the next few weeks :shock: :cool:

    I'm actually enjoying the $28 an hr plus penalty rates + company vehical credit card etc. :twisted:
  9. i had a tantrum at work today, about a non-gp related issue and the sweetener was an extra day of to enjoy the gp!
  10. Have you been told today ? :LOL:
  11. bob! i love bambam101's idea! i never knew such a think existed!

    my sister lives up north and her electricity gets cut off at times too. that must be very annoying. look at it this way mate, at least you opened the letter and didnt find out when you went to switch on the telly

    cheers :cool:
  12. Thats a huge planned outage. All day!!!

    What about other things like fridge/freezer contents going off?
    Surely you can put a claim in against them to supply a generator. :)

    You should say that you have a sick relative in the house on a breathing machine and they cant cut the power!

    (similar thing happened in NZ recently. power company cut power anyway and the person died. :()
  13. OK Bob, tell us what you did to see the gp. I expect that you made a generator out of an old postie bike starter motor, and that you will be pumping power into the grid for evermore.