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New theme park coming to Sydney!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GnomeOomps, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Just heard that they are trying to get a new theme park built in Sydney, most likely where the old Wonderland site was!

    Google could only dish up this bit of info:

    At the moment they are trying to get it through the council.
    This would be AWESOME!

    Luna park is schei├če, Jamberoo was ok the last time I went there (which was about 11 years ago) and all the good ones are up in Queensland. Sydney needs a proper park!

    *sigh*.... I miss Wonderland.

  2. That'll be great until they go bankrupt.

    I miss the Bush Beast :cry:
  3. You can still find bush pigs at the mean fiddler on a friday night, but I agree that it's not the same :(
  4. We had one running around our caravan park in byron during schoolies.
  5. I do not understand the appeal of theme parks. Although I have enjoyed my three visits to Disneyland.
  6. I don't really dig them. I generally will like about 3 or 4 fast rides, but that's it.

    And the lines are too long, there's not enough shade, drinks are too expensive and at the end of the day I'm just in a foul mood.

    I'd rather go riding.
  7. Theme parks are awesome. It also depends who you go with, if you go with family it is quiet enjoyable, but if you go with immature mates...it can be just as fun haha.

    atropos, I've been to Disneyland once and I must say it is very enjoyable (pending weather)...it's probably the feeling that you are actually on holidays...

  8. wrong, its all major factories now, its in prospect, i know it well as ive already done work on the site

    its here


    blacktown council has been pushing this since wonderland shut down, was supposed to be disneyland but they backed out of the deal, so its
    Wet 'N' Wild moving to prospect, same as the Gold Coast 1 but bigger
  9. and in a sydney climate with all that that entails. You could get away with going to wet n wild on a warmer winters day in GC. Not in sydney. Blacktown council must be offering a hell of a subsidy.
  10. :?? you obvously haven't lived through a Western Sydney summer; there are thousands of families there who can't afford a pool and certainly can't afford the drive and the parking to a coastal beach....
  11. I was working on the M7 build, when i watched them rip down the water slide from the old wonderland and i thought what a waste.it could have been reassembled elsewhere.
  12. actually, sydney needs proper roads. not this shit!
  13. I think some of the rides were sold that could have been sold. The wooden rollercoaster obviously couldn't be sold due to the scale of it, but I think the Demon rollercoaster was sold to an overseas theme park...US somewhere?

    I must admit though...demolishing a huge wooden rollercoaster is a big waste. I think you would still have a whole lot of fire wood till this day if it was burnt continuously.
  14. :wink:

    Point being that it is really only going to be profitable for a couple months a year, tops. That is fine in partyland gold coast, where it is warmer and people will go there solely for the theme parks, but Sydney is just standard city in a temperate climate.
  15. This could be good. Wet n Wild is tops. Can see it being uber-packed in summer!
  16. and closed down in winter...
  17. Maybe I dreamt this but iirc when I was a kid, I think what they used to do at the old Wagga Water Wizz in the colder months was to use mats that would slide & fill the small pool at bottom with lotsa foam. Admittedly, it wasn't a huge pool & there was only one. Not sure if it's still operating these days... it's been a while. Was great fun in summer though :D.

  18. village roadshow is paying the gov rent for the site for the next 50 years, village roadshow is paying to build the park, village roadshow will need to improve the roads in that area

    so whats your argument?
  19. Couldn't really give a rat's about a theme park. Now, if it was a racing circuit, that'd be a whole different story.