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New... that is me!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Wildrozes, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. I am so new... I haven't even gotten my L's yet :roll:

    Just thought it was a great idea to gather as much information as I could before starting on something new and exciting time in my life (a bit like becoming a mum.... but this is to give me freedom, not take it away!!)

    So Hi everyone :grin:

    Any other newbies from the Riverina here??? would be great to meet a few and maybe ride together...

  2. Roz, you're going to fit in a treat round here; I can think of at least four of the ladies who might well be kindred spirits (in the nicest possible way).

    Welcome, and enjoy :)
  3. Hey Roz,
    I'm new here too and have only just got my Ls some i'm kinda in a similar situation cause although i've got my Ls I haven't ridden yet! (only had them 2 weeks).

    P.S. I'm not from Riverina. What state's that in?
  4. Thanks Hornet!!

    I'm sure I will enjoy myself :cool:
  5. Hi R2L....

    Riverina is an area of NSW (so a long way from you!!)

    I do my L's course in 2 weeks... can't wait! Then I will be off to the RTA to pick up the licence...

    Had my first real solo ride today... lets just was I have a lot to learn!! Hubby was very good about it... think he just covered his eyes waiting for me to drop the bike!!!
  6. Jeeez want to narrow down it a bit. Rivernia not exactly a small area :LOL:

    Welcome Wildrozes.
  7. LOL... how about Wagga Wagga then!!
  8. Welcome dude.. good place for resources and meet friendly people here..
  9. Welcome Roz, hope you enjoy the learning experience and then the freedom.
  10. welcome roz,

    i love the riverina, and spend quite some time there in the warmer months making roads!

    plenty of red dirt, waterways, yabbies, straight roads and nasty rail crossings :)

    places i have had a few beers include yenda, leeton, griffith, yanco, condoblin, and temora but thats just a few ;)

    enjoy your time at NR
  11. Welcome to Netrider Roz :grin:
  12. Gday and welcome to NR..!
  13. G'day and welcome :)
  14. Welcome Wildrozes :grin:
    Riding is so much fun, you'll love it. All the best for your Ls. Make sure you come on here and tell us how you went as we'll all be anxious to hear. And remember, this place is also great for support if you're finding it difficult at the start. Hopefully there's someone vaguely in your area that you can buddy up with... or someone really itching for a massive detour home from work!

  15. Hey there! Welcome :)
  16. Thankyou all for the welcome!!! I am enjoying my time on here already... just wish I had more time... working 10 to 12 hour shifts eats up way to much of my time :roll:

    Can't wait to do my L's... have so much to learn, but then again so much to enjoy too! Guess I have the advantage of being over 30... so I can go straight onto unrestricted licence once have done my P's test :grin:
  17. Right on all accounts, we riders can never wait, in this case learners, then first bike to call your own, then the next bike... etc etc
    You never stop learning, one reason I like riding
    Enjoyment in bucket loads, never ending fun.

    Yup, straight to Full license is good, but please don't jump straight to bigger beast, take your time, and prolong the enjoyment!

    Welcome to NR!

  18. Thanks for the welcome :grin:

    Not likely to jump onto a bigger bike... would like to pay off my brand new 2007 GPX250 first... I know I have a lot to learn and get used to so will be happy with my baby for quite a while... and she goes as fast as I would ever feel the need to anyway (hubby has been having lots of fun riding her in for me!!!)
  19. And Heeeeeeeeerrrrreeeeeessss hubby

    G'day all only been here a small time myself, but as far as riding goes I have held my license for over 20 years and I am enjoying riding again......as for closing my eyes when Roze got on the bike .... never lol
  20. Welcome!!

    There aren't too many people from around the riverina here. I am in Griffith and have found absolutely no-one else around the forum.
    Went and did the Griffith Toy run today- lots of bikes, just nobody seems to hang around here! Good luck with the bike and enjoy your l's course!