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New terror attacks in Indonesia

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Still only breaking news:

    "BOMB have exploded at the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels in Jakarta, reportedly killing four people."

  2. Death toll from these two hotel bombings now risen to nine (all foreigners).

    A third bomb, a car bomb exploded a few minutes, no reports of deaths or casualties here yet.
  3. Useless post without a link.
  4. Two radically different theories out there in the media already: one says it is Al Qaida, the second says it is the Indonesian military trying to destabilise Yudhoyono.
  5. I'm counting the seconds before the Australian media breathlessly reports that 'this attack was obviously directed against Australians...'
  6. It has been reported that at least one Australian has died... so maybe they'd be right. :(
  7. Apparently more than one Aussie now, Man these terrorists are shameless cowards fcuk EM... Supposedly it was JI again too.
    The hotels targeted are regularly used by Australian diplomats, so its implying something here.
  8. quote

    The hotels targeted are regularly used by Australian diplomats, so its implying something here.

    and infinitely more non-Australians too. ... as is any site in Indonesia, or anywhere else in the world (with the possible exception of Earl's Court).
  9. No doubt...

    So far I have been hearing of poor security measures etc to blame...
    Apparently when you drive a car into the hotel premises it is checked properly and thoroughly however people can enter freely without much of a hassle or security checks.

    Don't mean to state the obvious but if the above is true, then when will they ever learn; should security not have been stronger? Of course don't want to jump to too many conclusions.

    In regards to the target I'd say it would be 'Western Interests' with Australians included
  10. or possibly Islamic extremists railing against the liberal Islamic state, and catching internationals of all sorts up in their war with their own government? Every other terrorist act in Indonesia has been of this sort, and many others round the world in liberal Islamic states too....

    news.com.au are saying that the one Australian who WAS killed was not on the official attendees list for the conference that was being held there....
  11. You could be right Paul, more information is needed... However would they not attack there own government officials then in a more direct manner, why would they want to run the risk of getting Australians caught in the crossfire which would add more pressure onto them from the Australian Government as well.

    If JI is responsible then it becomes more likely that this attack is perpetrated against western interests... A lot of the stuff they preach is against western values and in hatred of western interests, some directly aimed against Australia and it having too much involvement with Indonesia; can't remember the name of the articles, but did some study of them a year or so back in university.
  12. I agree on all of that. It's just that I am bemused by the cultural cringe we have that if an Australian stubs his toe at the Parthenon, so to speak, then obviously it was a direct attack on Australia. Do you see what I mean? I think the vast majority of terrorists round the world if asked to point out Australia on a map would probably point out Austria. As much as we would like to think, Australia is small beer, internationally.

    {I'm a sixth generation Aussie, incidentally, and as proud of my country as the next bloke. It's just that the scenario I've described is so embarrassing, really.}
  13. Ok, yeah I do get your point :wink: , just took me a bit :LOL: ...
    And i have to agree with what your saying, the likes of Australia and NZ are small players on the stage; its good thing too... Last thing we need is a mass of terrorists targeting Australia. Better for Australia to remain unknown in this department.
  14. FFS Paul!!!!!!

    Everyone around the globe knows that speed was a factor ;)
  15. OF COURSE, how silly of me; even now hordes of Victoria's Finest are rushing to the scene, breach books in hand :LOL:.

  16. I can just see Keelty booking the water coming out the end of the fire hose for excessive speed.

    Back on topic though.......

    Gee, "God" has told these freaks that killing is what he wanted :roll:

    Pointless excercise. Waste of time, life and money.

    Don't they have to run off and make Arak or something with their spare time?

    Tidak Bagus!!!!!
  17. I think you'll find that the attacks are against white Christians. Nationality is unimportant to these mongrels.
  18. You may be right, but 90% of the terrorist attacks around the world are against moderate muslims who dare to have friendly relations with anyone else - christian, hindu or rastabloodyfarian.

    That's not to say it's the case today, or that we know anything about this one, yet.