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New tattoo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by basejumper, May 19, 2016.

  1. Got a new tat the other day. Love it. Bike one will be next.
    Mums going nuts ATM


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  2. that's cool - what's the bumper sticker? 'skydivers go down faster'
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  3. looks cool, something different from the norm (y)

    yeah some mums don't like em much lol, can't do too much about it now though :LOL:
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  4. I love the fact that your mum is going to be pissed off about the tat yet what's she like with the skydiving / basejumping?
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  5. Dude that's permanent
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  6. I'd rather see one with the chute open, but that's just me :)
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  7. Poop chute?
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  8. Please edumacate a tattoo virgin

    How much does something like that cost to get done?
  9. It was $200 mate
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  10. #11 KharmaKazi, May 20, 2016
    Last edited: May 20, 2016
    holly crap $200 :wideyed:

    maybe this one next lol "hope it's not too rude for here"
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  11. That's kinda cool....getting any shading, or leaving as is?

    I just got this done....little bit to add at the back of the tricep. Is a cover up for my first tat...a really bad tribal piece!

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  12. Nice.
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  13. Cheers
  14. Awesome.

    so judging by the previous comment that should go for around $1000?
  15. It would be close.

    That's at least a two sitting Tattoo at 3 - 4 hours each.
  16. 2 sittings at 7 hrs, $1600 so far.

    It's all completely dependant on the type of tattoo (whether its a 'regular' tat, realistic, etc), and also on the artist. I was happy to pay a bit more to get one I am happy with.

    Also, being a cover up takes a bit more time/ink. And for curiosity, I had 2 laser treatments done prior.
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  17. Ah the cover up.
    Makes sense.

    I was thinking 1.6k is a bit steep untill you mentioned that.
  18. Very nice man. I was living on the other side of the world when I got my first one, so my mum couldn't do much about it. It took me a week to work up the courage to tell her. Her first question was "Is it permanent?"

    I've got a vintage motoring/motorsport sleeve in (very slow) progress.

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  19. the guy on the bike, looks like a photo - excellent work!