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New Tattoo - What do you think?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by BitSar, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. So I was born in Canada........

    A very distinctive piece of Canadian Inuit Art is the Loon Duck........
    A prominent Artist is Benjamin Chi Chi

    Last year in Thailand I had this Henna mock-up done

    So what do you think?

    The actual art in the same location................It's going to faaaaaaaaaaarrrking hurt over the ribs - but hey.....live for today, not for tomorrow.

    Hit Me
  2. Very very nice.

    But ow, it's gonna hurt.
  3. Thanks GreyDog............

    Pain aside - grit and bear it...........

    I had the consult with the Tattooist last night....booked in for October 9th (he is in high demand and this is the earliest I can get it done)

    Bah.............I just want it on!

    EDIT - yes it will hurt :D
  4. mirin your anterior serratus
  5. As in numb it with rubbing alcohol?

    Obviously you're referring to the muscle over the rib?
  6. Where in Canada are you from? I lived in Hudson Bay mostly - my early years in Markham,Ont.

    Are you going to be getting the original drawing? Or close to it? The variant looks good, but I reckon it looks to close to the goose (I'd rather be a loonie than be a goose)

  7. Agree re: the original drawing.
  8. I was born in Edmonton

    And yes I will have the original art done - the henna was done in Thailand just so I could get a "vague" idea of how it would look regarding placement etc....

    And yes - I'm getting the Loony
  9. Looks like it is going for your nipple.
  10. Hahahaha - yeah the henna was pretty shite really.......I think the actual art will look better.

    The placement will be a bit different - and the loony in the art has its' head pointing down so no fear of nipple invasion :rofl:
  11. Ah.........I had to look this up to find out what the hell you were on about....

    I don't do facebook or have any net presence other than some tech forums and some MOTO ones - all the cool net slang kinda gets lost on me ](*,)

    LOL....nah nothing like that - just reckon it's a good spot for it.
  12. Go for it. Short term pain for a lifetime piece of art.
    Ribs area will hurt a bit but it will be worth it
  13. As for the pain - grin and bear it. The numbing cream they use helps at the time, but when it wears off, it's 10 times worse. (was for me anyway)
  14. Get some Bepanthan from the chemist for after tattoo care.
    It is for cracked nipples but works a treat
  15. Cheers MickyBoy....... The missus has already stocked up on that for me :D
  16. I reckon you need a few good feeds, going by the photo you posted at the start of the thread.
  17. Hahahaha..... Yeah this was in Thailand last year after me and the missus spent time volunteering in northern Thailand at an elephant rehabilitation reserve..... Probs about 64kgs in the pic....... Back to about 68-70 these days....
  18. Special shout to all the Canadians here! Born and raised in Toronto myself.

    I think the location for the tatt is great. I've wanted to get some work done there, but I have a little bit more meat on my bones and didn't want to draw attention to that area, so had a half sleeve done instead.

    Great piece of art to represent your Canadian roots. I did the same before I left a couple of years ago.

    Go Leafs Go! LOL!
  19. Did you request numbing cream? I've had a few tats done and have never been offered numbing cream. I just grin and bear it.

    Don't bother with the cream. I think tatts are about the total experience, as much as the art work.

    It doesn't look like there will be lots of colouring in, so it won't be too bad.
  20. Thanks for the info Justin

    Cheers mate :D