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new tattoo designs - can anyone help?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by emsie, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. hey all, I'm on the lookout for things that grab my attention for two new tattoos I want, however I don't think I have a creative side of my brain so I was hoping to enlist a little netrider help :)

    Is there anyone out there who would be willing to help me out if I give the guidelines on what I'm after for each tattoo? If I use your design, I intend on paying what I would've paid had I found something I liked online (looks to be an average of about $20 for the outline+final copy from tattoo design sites online).

    For anyone interested, I'm after smallish tattoos, probably no more than say 3"x3" though I will look at everything you have to offer - my current one is a little bigger than that. I prefer colour tattoos but I'm totally open to B&W too.

    The first tattoo I'd like to be a ladybug - not on a leaf or anything. Has to look like it's actually on my skin. ("In parts of Northern Europe, tradition says that one's wish granted if a ladybird lands on oneself."). I don't mind it being cartoonish and I'm after cute but not ghey cute :p

    The second tattoo I'd love to be of a Maori symbol, Te Aohurihuri. The symbol itself is the round part. The bit on the bottom is the stand (I have one of these carvings, picked up when I was in NZ). I'd like this one to look like a tattoo rather than a carving and this one's the one I really have trouble imagining as a tattoo but I love it's meaning and would love to have it on me somewhere.



    So there you have it. Sorry for the long post and I'm really not after any non-serious responses :p This is a legitimate request for assistance because I don't really feel like trawling around tattoo places in Adelaide to get the designs and I know there's a lot of talent on this forum :) Like I said, I'm willing to pay for the design at the general online going rate which is about AU$20 each. I'm reachable by PM, email, MSN at most times during the day if you wanna contact me :)

    Thanks :)

    (mods: if this post belongs elsewhere, please move it as you see fit :) )
  2. Seems like a silly idea to me... If you find something off the net or get someone here to sketch stuff up for you 9 times out of 10 any decent artist is going to want to redraw it anyway to "fix" it up.

    Have you considered looking over artists recent work to find someone you like and then working with them to draw something up for you? You cant go wrong that way...
  3. Nice try Vic :LOL:
  4. :grin: I offered to pay for the tatt of someone last year if they got it done *shrug*

    They chickened out as they didn't return my PM's when it came to the crunch ;)
  5. Looking over an artist's recent work as in trawling through tattoo places which is what I said I didn't really want to do, or find an artist who has nothing to do with tattooing and ask the same thing? :) Either way, I don't know any artists and I don't know anyone who does tattoos so I'm still trawling either way :p

    In the same breath, anyone able to recommend somewhere/someone in Adelaide who COULD redraw it and/or do it for me? I really don't want to a) spend the time going to every place I can find and b) don't want to go into every place I can find :shock: Some of them are a little on the scary side :eek:

    Oh and vic, that's exactly what I thought you'd post ;)
  6. best bet... find stuff you like. print it. take it to the tattooist. say "i want this, but can you change....(insert changes you want here)

  7. yeah might have to :(

    change tack then .. anyone know anyone decent in adelaide for tats?
  8. The Tattoo Gallery in Rundle St CBD. Tribal Mike is the guy who is working on me, very good.
  9. wow some of "mike"'s stuff is bloody awesome :eek:
  10. So you go to SA for your tatts? he must be good.
  11. Not to hijack the thread but yes he is good. He had a lady by the name of Fran the Dragon lady who has tattooed Mrs Scumbag as well. Fran is now working out of Hahndorf in the Adelaide hills. If you ever want a dragon done she is the one to see.
    Mike is fantastic at doing free hand work which is what my tribal design is.
  12. useless information 4 ya. there are over 400 species of lady beetles in north america alone lol. which one are u gunna get a tattoo of? :p
  13. Love the ladybird idea emsie. My fav. insect. :)

    te aohurihuri symbol - love what it represents.

    If I were ever game to get one, this would be high up on my list:


    Taken from a canoe paddle....may I add, not just any canoe paddle :grin: - those guys knew what they were doing when it came to traversing the seas...the paddles both steered and protected.
  14. "...with over 5,000 species described, more than 450 native to North America alone. "

    I guess I have a good choice then don't I? ;)

    I think I'd like what people "traditionally" think of when they think of them - little round red with black spots kinda thing ;)
  15. ooh I like that too :) yeah I'm a big fan of the Maori carvings n stuff. I love that some of the things you read them representing just strike a chord in you :) I love the fishing hooks too .. big fan of them but I also want something different. I have a jade one that I used to wear around my neck but I picked out the te aohurihuri from all the carvings we saw in NZ because of what it meant to me :)
  16. Bugger the ladybug, show your true colours:
  17. alright, i can - and do - draw quie a few tattoos.
    90% of my (perhaps) 100 hours worth are from my own pen and paper.

    i'll do a deal, you draw to your best ability what you want it to look like, scan it, send it to me via email pm for email - ;) and i will make it work for you. it needs to be originally drawn by you, in order for it to be yours.

    the maori one, however, is tooooooo easy :)

    BTW, traditionally with a maori tattoo, you tattoo the bias as opposed to the subject matter. so you would use the shape of the symbol and tattoo weave patterns around it using your clear skin as the desired symbol :smile:

    edit - do you know the history of the carving? if it is related to a family moko, they will get very, very offended..... but if it is simply kirituhi it doesnt really matter as that is more a decoration :wink:

    vic - i'll get it :wink:
  18. deal .. and thanks :D I'll go hunting ladybug pictures so I can merge some basic ideas .. and if it turns out like shit, I'll send you all the pictures and describe exactly what I like about them if that's ok *laugh*

    oooh yeah that makes sense .. AND I like the sound of it :D

    Hmm it's really hard to find information on that one specifically but aww fark if it's Moko. Going by this link, it could well be Moko, HOWEVER, I would think that surely if they're offloading it with all the other "standard" designs that maybe it's not? Do you (or anyone else) know where I can find out? Last thing I want to do is offend the culture just cos I like the carving and it's meaning.

    Mind you, in the same breath that I'm hoping it's not Moko, I can't see how it's kirituhi cos it's not just a random design that looks like Moko which is what I kinda understand kirituhi to be. :(
  19. Forgive me but I figured you must be Maori... :oops: ...Personally I don't have a problem with pakeha wanting maori designs - as long as they're not getting it for appearances (wanting to look 'tough'/cool'), but I do know folk who would take offence at seeing one on a stranger....moko especially, but also your basic maori tattoo design. If they knew the person, and understood that person had an understanding and appreciation of the maori culture, and had in ways incorporated the Maori culture into their life, they would be more understanding and accepting of the latter, but moko - don't touch.

    I also know guys who would take offence full stop. Like a guarding of their culture.

    If you like, I'll find out more about this design for you. Dad should know, and if he doesn't, I've got folk in NZ who will. :)