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New Tassie Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dee, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm Dee from Tasmania. I'm on my learners and have a Bug Jive scooter -don't worry I'd never heard of them either! :wink:

    Looking forward to joining in some Tassie rides, but will have to wait until I trade up. I don't think my little machine can keep up outside of the city.


  2. Welcome Dee

    hope to see you at Joe's (again :wink: )

    Don't worry about keeping up, I'm sure Techno wants some company for his across :LOL:
  3. Hi Dee...

    Enjoy the forums...loads of advice and gossip/news - most of it good hehe...
  4. Hey dee!!! welcome!! monday nights are netridder night at joes... and as for rides yeah I agree with JJ Techno will have some competition for TEC...
  5. Hiya Dee, welcome to the forums :grin:
  6. Hi Dee, welcome, and good to meet you at Joes! be seeing you round the place!
  7. Welcome Dee - hope you enjoy bothe the scoot and the forum
  8. Hi Dee, and welcome

    Lots of happy Netriders in Tassie, you should be able to meet up for a coffee at least, even if you can't keep up with them when they ride out of town.. :grin:
  9. Hi Dee, welcome from the other side of the strait.
  10. Hi and welcome aboard.

    Ignore the jibes about my slowness. I'm pedalling as fast as I can God dammit!

    Those dudes never arrive much earlier than me anyway and JJ always stops to take photos or chat with people anyway.

    See you at Joes

  11. Wot can I say... I'm a friendly kinda guy :cool:
  12. Yiasoo Dee :grin:

    See you at Joe's on the 2nd ;)

    You can buy me a birthday drink :p
  13. Hi Dee
    Was good to meet you at Joes the other night. Hope to see you around.
  14. So it's your birthday then is it? I'll buy you a drink too! So I heard you will be over here for the bike n car show Matt is running. We'll have to go out that night and you can relive your last tassie experience!!
    Don't worry, I won't leave you in the garden bed ALL night.. :p :LOL:
    Bring it on, and I'll see you in the next few weeks! :grin:
  15. Hey there everyone. Thanks for all the welcome messages!! I'm a bit slack checking forums so they've piled up a bit :)

    When's the next Joe's Garage meeting?

  16. Hi Dee and welcome I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  17. Welcome Dee. He Iffy, my little Across wasn't too bad! Ok, so maybe a little frustrating when trying to keep up with my friend's VTR1000. Can't wait 'til I'm off restrictions... bigger blade ...or ninja ...GSXR :)