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New TAC commercial - EXTREME

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by goz, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Probably not safe for work to but probably is..

    Has this been posted before???

    Could be violent veiwing for some


    Honestly, violent as it is, i like it as a commercial, hopefully gets the message out there..
  2. just relised this is a year old video, couldnt see the stats before as it was full screen, but for those that have'nt seen it, watch it
  3. The TAC can lick me where I pee. I wish with the passion of a thousand Romeos and a million Casanovas I could opt out of their ridiculous little scheme.
  4. Sydneys no better
  5. I'd say worse, if we're being honest. But you guys don't have VicPol…
  6. If this highly emotive and impactful advert was in itself the primary method of making the people of Victoria drive safely, I would support them.

    Unfortunately the government, TAC and lobby groups attempt to use the same raw emotions and impact to justify their more misguided and political methods of attempting to make people drive safely, such as low-tolerance speed enforcement, speed-limit reductions, disproportionate enforcement (see discussion on drink-driving in other thread), etc.

    When you have overly emotive and irrational people trying to tell you little Jimmy wouldn't be dead if the speed-limit were ten kays lower, these blood and gore adverts become political and offensive. Henceforth I will ignore them.
  7. and you forgot to mention, coppers shoot you for no reason in Victoria as well

  8. I guess it makes sense, though. These halfwits pass legislation based on emotion instead of logic and facts, why not make ads based on them as well?
  9. Sometimes it's easy to be critical of the TAC, but of the campaigns they have run in the last 20 years it could be said that bringing the reality of road trauma into the living rooms of the community has arguably been a part of what has caused the reduction in the toll. I'd be the first to concur that it has not been the only influence, better cars and roads make a huge difference for sure. But even the best roads, the best cars, the best of intentions by any roads authority still won't matter at all if the attitudes of the people with the real power to make a difference to road safety do not head the lessons this video attempts to impart.

    I call it duty of care. It means anyone who ventures on the roads must first understand their responsibility to ensure they do not put others in peril. This goes for any road user category and must be the message driven home before all else. Sadly, many do not offer a second thought to this before they push off in their own conceited little worlds.

    Many have disagreed with the TAC approach to motorcycle trauma however it should be noted that they are listening to what we have to say now. The MRAV has had several discussions and also disputes with senior officials but I'm sure they can see past the vindictive here and hopefully will come up with marketing that will make a difference for riders. Rather than ignoring them, we should be offering them ideas as we did for Supercheap Auto when they realized what a gaffe they'd made with their campaign.

    I hope everyone has a safe Christmas.
  10. Guess all those engineers involved in designing safer roads and vehicles must be wringing their hands in despair and wondering why their contributions have had no impact at all on the road toll compared to a few mini-movies on TV, eh?
  11. I'd like to back up what Grant just said. He has kept me up to date on MRAV's discussions with TAC and they are making some good ground.=D>=D>

    BTW this latest ad has been aired before, its not as new as some of you think. It first went to air earlier this year I think.

    It will be interesting to see what life is like now we have had a change of govt in Vic. TAC policy has been to scare the crap out of everyone one, which I personally don't think really works. The next VMAC meeting should be very interesting.....

    Maybe under a new govt, TAC may change their policy about not aligning themselves with racing identities (for fear of encouraging speed etc) and start using the SA Mick Doohan campaign, and maybe make greater use of "qualified riders" to communicate their message.

    I live in hope8-[

    I passed a milestone last weekend and took my 4th bike since 1998 past the 100,000 km mark on Sunday - that's 100,000 km since 5th Jan 2008 (in just under 3 years BTW). In all that time not one accident or near miss. By my calculations I have covered about 600,000 km since July 1998. I bet there are quite a few other out there like me. Pity is that TAC aren't interested in using us as case studies, or as vehicles to promote a safety message. The experience of riders who have gone the distance and the way they ride "to keep out of trouble" would surely be a good tool to use...

    Here are two pics I took to celebrate the event on Sunday:

    Attached Files:

  12. Better send those pics to Harley, they'll be falling over themselves to buy the one that made it :angel:
  13. When you invest wisely and maintain the servicing interval, they are surprisingly reliable. In all that time I haven't had any mechanical problems. Just replaced tyres, brake pads and normal wear and tear parts. Haven't had to replace the belt yet either...:D

    But, rather than look at the make of the bike (I expected that remark) - are there any others out there with bikes that have covered the same distance in a comparable time? That's the point I was trying to make - that there is a group of riders worthy of study, who have covered the distance and survived, who could pass valuable lessons onto other newbies etc.
  14. Yeah not even close. I do like 1,000km/mo :-s

  15. Despite the frequent recommendations here to do so.
    I seem to remember people frequently telling you to belt up...


  16. hahaha good 1, but i still want a nightrod special :D
  17. That's a pretty good total. Certainly puts you in the class that I am talking about. I think I'm just at the extreme end....

    What does that 1000km usually comprise?
  18. Overwhelming majority is mid-speed (60ish) urban commuting, though if I get out on the weekends I'll usually do a few hundred KM up in the hills.

    I guess I'd say a commute-and-errands-and-normal-life month is 900-1000, but a nice weather month when I'm doing fun rides will be closer to 1500.
  19. Although I don't want to watch that ever again, I think everyone should. Just once.

    Politics aside, there is definitely a message for any/every body that uses the road, in any craft
  20. Best to date for me is ~17,000km in 6mths, comprising mostly of interstate and local rides in the heart of winter (me is hardcore ;) ) The local rides are mostly to 'Twistie-Land'.

    I'd say this amount closely compares (distance-wise) to the amount you've done John, being 100,000km in 3yrs => 16,666km in 6mths.

    It certainly is lots of riding though I bet you were more comfortable than I on my 900-1000km/day trips aboard the Gixxer...

    Safe riding to you :)