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New TAC ads - speeding is the major killer?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [FLUX], Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Some events in recent months (not to me personally) have sparked my ire, that predominantly being some people I know losing their licence for speeding in a remote location and hurting no-one, and then incidences of friends of mine being seriously injured by completely daft driver behavior, which said drivers receiving no suspensions, and no penalties.

    Righto, just been digging into these claims that speeders kill the majority of people that these ads keep telling us, and I found this rather interesting:


    See Section 2.4. Victoria Police at the time (~15 years ago) identified speed (not even speeding defined as exceeding the posted speed limit) as a causitive factor in just 15% of all fatalities.

    Fast forward to today, and now with speed cameras rampantly across our state, everyone is driving slower than ever, and now we have these ads on our television trying to justify to the populace that it is speeders that kill the majority of drivers on our roads and this is "Why you're photographed when you speed".

    Seriously, it is all just one modern major spin campaign to attempt to justify fleecing the population for money.

    I am sick and tired of bad driving practises at below the posted speed limits hurting, killing, maiming fellow riders and road users, and having the government trying to ram down our throats that it's all the fault of speeding when there is no statistical data to back it up, other than that which has been carefully manipulated.

  2. ???

    What? It's a rant. The entire Victoria driving population is being lied to.

    I noticed in said media a lot of effort is spent by RACV to attempt to combat this sort of heavy-handed myopic policing of drivers, but they seem to be getting largely ignored.

    Anyone got any ideas on how to reverse this trend and get road law focused back on the real issues that kill people?
  3. ah right, i though there might of been a new point, but yeah completely stew, though i feel you a preaching to the choir...nothing like a good old rant eh :wink:

    doubt it will happen, the whole world is now money driven first common sense second :oops:
  4. +1
    as per usual. its ALWAYS about MONEY :evil:
    like .. WTF doing 15km over in a populated area Vs the same in a remote stretch of road should NOT carry the same penalty. One is high-risk, the other less likely to be a problem.
  5. I think what's "new" about these ads is that they've moved beyond mere distortion of facts, and have now taken to out and out lying.

    There is not one single shred of truth in the statement "Speeding kills the majority of road users in Victoria" - if we take speeding to technically mean exceeding the posted speed limit.

    It's not even subversive brain-washing any more. It's just out and out lies. Worse, if it were a corporate organisation doing this, they'd get roasted by various corporate laws for dissemninating falsifying information about their practices, but when it's a government advertising campaign, it's just straight up lies, and lies of the worst kind, because it's ignoring the HUGE factor that the vast, vast majority of road users are killed not through speeding in the slightest. People are dying on our roads because these jokers are refusing to look at anything other than speed, and even their own data says that speed is NOT the issue.

    How can the makers of these ads that are spending millions of dollars of public funds be made to be held accountable for wasting money on completely untruthful and unhelpful lies?
  6. It wont happen. The broad brush tars everyone, and makes life simpler for the holder.
  7. Aww cheeses Stew....I'm already fired up and you have to go and post this....I agree...we are being insidiously brainwashed, and everyone is falling for it like the population has had a mass frontal-labotomy.

    Let me go sit in the corner and have my brain explode. :evil:

    I'm sick to death of the whole Speed issue...and if you watch people drive now, while they are generally slower (I guess), they are generally worse drivers. I still believe that it will be a legitimate defence one day, that you ran up the arse of the car in front because you were busy watching your speedo, so as not to "Speed".
    Especially since since that nasty speed thing we keep getting driven down our throats is SO MUCH worse than all the other laws we can break, while driving! It's like no other road-rules exist!.

    ..$#%@&**$%#@&* (Bugger!...I think my head exploded !)
  8. So... What do we do? What happens from here.
    Johnny O put a post up many moons ago with a proposal to start some public rallies and the like. But it was agreed that the Bulshit is to thick and you will just get backlash. So how do we move forward?
    To do anything you need to dedicate time and/or money. A complete blanketing of media and politics till every time they turn around there is a media release with good data and statistics, with evidence of tailgating, failure to indicate, failure to give way, unsafe U turns, Pedestrians not paying attention/J walking… All of the other things that actually cause accidents. But if you start saying speed does not kill you will be ignored. Like it or not even if your data is accurate people will just say you are trying to justify speeding. So it has to be approached (Whether we like it or not) from the perspective that Yes Speed Kills when someone does something else stupid to cause the accident.

    So… What to do next?
    1) Get someone on side with the appropriate lobbying and/or media experience.
    2) Get some people together to work out what specific behavior to focus on Define the catch fraises, media points and so on
    3) Work out a timeline for the initial "Assault"
    4) Prepare the content
    5) Identify one or two spokesmen
    6) Get the ball rolling
    Will it work? No idea.
    But I am willing to be part of the process if people want to start seriously pursuing it.
  9. Some more interesting stuff if you read the actual research report:

    1 - Speed only accounted for 19% of fatalities
    2 - Speed related deaths were most likely to occur at night, and on weekends (whereas speed cameras mainly operate during daytime on weekdays)
    3 - Fatalities were most likely to occur in 60 zones
    4 - Cars were far more likely to be in a single vehicle accident than motorcycles.
    (so obviously they should spend more time policing 60 zones and less hanging around the good bike roads)
    5 - Most fatalities involved cars running wide on corners into oncoming traffic (so how about an ad campaign encouraging cars to stay on their side of the white line)
    6 - A large number of crashes were caused by loose gravel on the road shoulder (so how about actually using the fuel tax money for its intended use of improving roads)
    7 - Speed fatalities were more likely to occur if the driver was unemployed/uneducated (ie Bogans).
    8 - Most fatalities occurred when the driver/rider had no specific destination
  10. The only action I can think of is an adbusters-style counter-offensive bringing truth back into the argument. Late night TV advertising isn't expensive, if a few people, publications and motoring organisations kick in, a lot can be done with a budget of $10k. Certainly enough to capture the imaginations of your today tonight style shows and get the issue into public dialogue.

    Things like the difference between excessive speed and illegal speed come to mind, as well as the real list of causative factors, and the comparison between road deaths and smoking deaths.
  11. speed is the easiest thing to enforce

    If they made a camera that was a real saftey camera (not speed camera)
    Im sure they would say its unsafe driving thats a major factor, but until they invent one, they will stick to speed as main risks to fatalities on our roads
  12. The latest TAC campaign is excellent in that it doesn't go for the blood & guts of the older ones but to the reality of the people left behind.

    It's really well put together but they destroy their credibility at the very end with the statement

    "That's why you are photgraphed when you speed"
  13. All great points Falcon and Loz.
    But don't we have organizations that are already supposed to do that?
    Maybe we should be kicking THEIR arses, so they get off 'em and start countering some of the BS that gets pushed.?

  14. We used to have those cameras!....they were called policemen, and they drove around in police cars that stood out clearly, and they had the one thing that's needed in all of this - judgement!
  15. This is not a Motrobike issue, it is not a Car issue, it is a Road behavior issue… Yes we cop it harder when the shit goes down, but the reality is that people are just as crap when it comes to dealing with other cars. The key benefit of working with MRAA or RACV or some other existing body is that there name is know, they already have public profile.
  16. [​IMG]:LOL:

    How do we get those stats out into the wider community??? The one time I had an email discussion about road safety and greed camera's with a journo in the HUN, he utterly would not entertain anything other than the government line.

    Loz's idea sounds interesting... make our own press somehow. Coordinated letter campaign?

    By the way, what are the NT driving statistics looking like after imposing speed limits?

    Edit: According to the summary pages of the 2006 NT driving report located here: www.saferroaduse.nt.gov.au/Road_Safety_Taskforce_Full_Report.pdf 17% of fatalities involved speed...
  17. [FLUX] you're preaching to the converted, and that's ok because discussion is positive for clarifying and evolving arguments :)

    I hold some similar views to yourself and have decided to hatch a few plans in order to oppose this sort of government advertising...

    Keep talking people, that way I know who is interested in helping out when the time comes.
  18. It wouldn't be difficult to set up a PayPal-based donation account, and start spreading the news. I reckon we could drum up $10K worth of donations for an ad campaign from Australian motorcyclists ... and if not, then we deserve everything we get.
  19. And from that same perspective, If the "Ad" has the right production quality, then You tube is your friend. We start a Guerrilla Advertising campeign
    letters to the editor that sort of thing.