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NSW New Sydneysiderider here Heya!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Budd, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Hi fellows who know less the wheels more the fun!

    It took me till mid thirtees to realise this profound statement but alas I have finally seen the light, or, or the angle, the lightness, the power, the freedom the badassness, the goddam fun. Now I am not one for a hoohaa I am on the shy side, never done an intro on a forum never had a 21st party srs, but anyway thought I would say Hi this time.

    So I was (still fighting) having a hard time in life, depression, addictions, fears general getting know where fastness. So then my mate has a VTR250 and his wife is knocked up and has to sell. I, want a baby so I buy his baby, well his baby bike anyway. And I like riding said baby very very much!! It is very much in the most fun I have had upright category. Since I have taken everything that had me going up down sidways you name it I thought well why not take a risk that is a skill, a dam fun one that might even help save me from my problems. It is helping, I looooved fast cars was a decent driver, track days turbos etc but now I am at the bottom again L plater 250cc and sooo much to learn. Infact I love riding so much because I have so much to learn, different bikes, rain, night, city riding, long distance riding getting all the gear wooo!

    Loving the site, loving looking at motovloging and generally totally have the bike bug. Everyone seems very welcoming in Netrider and the rider community in general, really nice. A lil bit of commradery feeling I get even from a solo ride with the odd nodd from riders goes along way for me when I am a bit lonesome!

    Hopefully coming along for Putty Road 9th :)
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  2. welcome aboard :)
  3. Welcome :cool:
  4. Welcome along.
    Enjoy the learning, the leaning and the freedom of two wheeled fun.
  5. Hey BuddBudd welcome to NR.
  6. Welcome to the forum mate!

    It's so much fun learning - i wish school had been like this!!!
  7. Welcome to NR
  8. (y) Welcome BuddBudd sit back and enjoy
  9. Welcome riding a bike cures all sorts of ailments, enjoy your rides
  10. Welcome to NR budd (y)
  11. Welcome and enjoy!
  12. Welcome :) Love that enthusiasm. Enjoy.
  13. welcome!
    getting licence in 30's just adds to justification to get a nice new shiny one for your mid life crisis :D (that was my excuse :p )
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  14. Oh this wayy past mid life crisis for me. Mid life for me was probably in my late twenties or 30 considering the things I have done to meself and the drinking haha. ( Bad Budd no more of that)
    Anyway lets just say if this is a crisis I'll take it!
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  15. Budd welcome to NR .