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New Sydney Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LimaEchoOscar, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I am Leo and a beginner rider (well if you exclude 2 years of riding but that was 5years ago).

    Just recently bought a CBR250RR and so far loving it. These forums have been a real good read for me before I purchased the bike.

    Looking forward to spending some time on the bike and here and hopefully we bump into each other on sydney meets!

    I am not sure if I am allowed to post pic of my ride.
  2. hi there leo and welcome to the forums.... :)
  3. Hey there. Where abouts in sydney are you, north, south, east, west?

    See you around
  4. hey phizog,

    I am in marrickville, near sydenham.
  5. Hello from a fellow learner, enjoy this place! :grin:
  6. hey I could do with some advise from fellow CBR250RR owners.

    I have troubles getting the bike in neutral when on the road (when the bike is on). I have practiced when the bike is off and its pretty simple.

    Just seem to switch from 1st to 2nd and back and forth when its on, is there a trick to this thing to get it in neutral?
  7. Welcome, Leo :)

    I'll leave the CBR technical questions to one of the 2,500 people here who own one :LOL:.
  8. Sorry if its different for a CBR, but I find that on my bike, it needs to be a light tap up, too hard and I get into 2nd
  9. ^^ agree, but could be different to the hairdryers...

    where abouts in sydney are you mate?
  10. Neutral is half way between first and second, so half a click up.
  11. Welcome to the Forum and of course you can post a pic of your ride. And then go to the Garage and post a few

    Try it whilst you are rolling to a stop - some bikes prefer to go into neutral before stopping.
  12. welcome you could also try slip the clutch just a little as you try shift in to neutral
  13. Welcome to netrider :)
  14. welcome mate.....

    Its easier to go to neutral from second gear, light tap down... thats wat i find anyways,... :LOL:
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome guys :p

    I think a little bit of practice yesterday, I am finding it easier to click to neutral.

    Btw, anyone in marrickville area up for weekend rides?
  16. Hi Leo,

    I'm from Earlwood and I passed my learners test last week. Looking to buy a 250RR very soon. Will be up for weekend rides for sure.

  17. Welcome dude, look forward to seeing u on a ride.