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New Sydney rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Chriss, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. Hey guys
    Got my pre l test in 2 weeks, recently got bored of things with 4 wheels and I'm still only 28 so it's time for something fun. Looking at getting a cbr500r, something about that bike I must have it.
    I'll jump back with any news and I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people, hopefully a few group rides when my abilities are adequate.

    Ever noticed when you are interested in buying a specific vehicle suddenly everyone is riding/driving one?
  2. Welcome along Chriss.
    Good luck with the test and the shopping.
  3. Welcome! Great first bike, I recently got my Ls and bought a brand new CBR500R and love it!

    Definitely, I never noticed how many bikes were out there until I became one of them!
  4. G'day and welcome, ChrisChris. You won't be disappointed with the CBR500R, I think they are an outstanding bike. They seem to be part of the LAMS roll of honour along with the Yamaha MT-07, Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Honda CB400. All the best with your Learner course and test.
  5. Welcome to Netrider mate.

    Once you have your wheels and yellow plate be sure to head over to Olympic Park for one of the Sat Learner sessions . good place to meet others and to practice for your p test while being guided by Chris (Ozyoda) and team.
  6. thanks heaps GeorgeO, i was curious about what courses are available in the sydney area for building up skills etc. im already impressed with this community.

  7. Welcome to our little world, and the secret we want to share, but don't want to share, the joy of motorcycling.
  8. ChrissChriss - see the separate Sydney Learner sessions thread for more details. The sessions are held every Sat. There is a course set out to practice the MOST test stuff and the sessions are very often followed by a group ride
  9. welcome aboard :]
  10. Welcome Chris.
  11. Welcome to NR...
  12. Welcome.

    Ditto for me too, its a good first bike. Make sure you get a good aftermarket exhaust. These bikes are soooo quiet...
  13. What'd you get wby? Still running stock on mine and it is definitely quiet!
  14. I bought an IXIL GP Oval exhaust from an online store in WA. No idea how it rates against other exhausts. Didn't want to spend too much (learner bike after all) but its mid range price-wise, and although youtube clips can have terrible sounds, they seemed consistently better sounding than other exhausts like two brothers etc. I don't think IXIL make the GP anymore but there are other models.
  15. Thanks mate I will check it out. I am the same, not wanting to spend $500+ on an exhaust for it. These look like a much nicer price range.
  16. Welcome to NR! In What part of sydney are you?
  17. At a rough guess I'd say Hornsby??
  18. yeahp hornsby, woohoo, almost there, pre learners next week. i think im going to head up to Worthington mc's to get the honda, another thing ive noticed is the sheer volume of brands for gear...seriously world stop there is to much to research.
    Is dainese gear as good as it seems? im not terribly worried about investing a bit of coin in decent gear if it'll save my butt and make rides more enjoyable.
  19. Yeah they make some good stuff. At the moment I use alpine star jacket and gloves with draggin jeans. Been riding 5-6 days a week for the past 4 years using it and never had a issue with them. Worth checking out
  20. Welcome to Netrider Chriss!