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New Sydney Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mrtpham, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Hi All!

    Just returned from a yr in Vietnam - missed going everywhere on 2 wheels so much I got my L's straight away and now riding to work everyday on my VTR250 living the dream :)

    Have already learnt a lot from these forums and hoping to learn more from others about navigating Sydney...it is a much different beast here than in Vietnam!


  2. alot easier for pedestrians crossing
    here thats for sure. lol.
    are u missing the viet coffee yet?
  3. Welcome!
  4. Welcome to Sydney! I got here about 4 months ago. So far, I'm loving it. I hope it treats you just as well!
  5. Hey mate welcome!:)
  6. Definitely missing a lot of things in Vietnam - especially that everyone else was on 2 wheels, so it feels much safer (unless trucks try to kill you on the highway, thats the same in Vietnam as here! haha). I found a place in Marrickville which has good authentic Viet Coffee and there will always be Bankstown and Cabramatta :D


    Thanks! Sydney is awesome :)



    Thanks all for making me feel very welcome :)
  7. Thanks! Your Duke 390 looks awesome, I had my eye on that but the last model was in Newcastle :(
  8. I went to procycles Hornsby to go and place my order for one, having read everywhere of bikes only arriving in Feb etc. Could not believe it when the salesman told me they had one ready for me! So the learning point for me was to not believe everything one dealer tells you!

    Good luck navigating Sydney- I get lost often!

  9. Lesson learned! I did hit up Procycles Hornsby and they told me to wait till next year lol. Perhaps I will upgrade once I get some cash together/get off my L's :)

    I always study the routes before I go everywhere, but still got lost sometimes haha
  10. welcome mate:)
  11. Thanks Jeffco!
  12. Welcome to Sydney.
    And well done for choosing to live in the inner west (y)
  13. Welcome to Sydney. I often post invites when I'm going out for a ride, so keep an eye out in the Rides thread. I live good coffee so what's the difference with Vietnamese coffee? And where can I try a good one?
  14. haha Inner West is best. Before my year in Vietnam I was in Darlinghurst, but much prefer to be out of the city a little bit and also closer to other suburbs :)

    Awesome! sounds great, I'm keen for a few rides while the weather is still good.
    I'm not an expert, but Vietnamese coffee just tastes better to me, a bit thicker and more syrup like.. and they also serve it with condensed milk if you're into that (I have it black). You can get a good one from a cafe opposite Banana Joe's Food Works in Marrickville, I've also had a good one at Cafe Nho (they are in Bankstown and Cabramatta). Make sure you say you want Vietnamese coffee though coz some of these places serve normal coffee :).