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New Sydney rider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kellypxl, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Juuuuuuust passed my pre-learner's course yesterday (and I do feel a sense of achievement - one guy didn't!)

    I'm based in the Inner West of Sydney. Will be purchasing a bike for short commutes (between 3-10kms say 5 times a week.) I'll be riding to university mainly and occasionally to work, which is a short trip from my house.

    Very excited to get out there and test some new bikes! During the course I learned on a Honda CT125E, which I'm pretty sure is standard now. Had my heart set on a scooter primarily for storage reasons (being a girl with 1,000 bags) but I enjoyed the experience of riding on a manual motorcycle, once I got the hang of the gears and such. Not too fussed about appearance and would be more than happy to get a working Honda Postie simply because I'm quite petite and can't imagine manoeuvring a chunky Kawasaki (or a large bike in general, really.)

    Will stay tuned to the forums to learn what I can. Have been riding a push bike as my main means of transport so it'll be good to put a motor to work instead! Also keen to know of any rider groups in the area so I can potentially build my confidence and skills :D
  2. Congrats, a postie isn't exactly a manual though!

    Sydney learner session details: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=97506#.UBF04bSP_Yo

    Edit: Hmm, did you get an auto or manual learner licence?
  3. I'd say seeing as though she enjoyed riding on the manual bikes when she got used to the gears, she got a manual license.
  4. how about a supermoto ?

    we need more holligan chicks :)
  5. Just get a suzuki across as it's boot would suit your desire for storage space

    edit- i could be wrong but i'd imagine you'd have stuff all excess power to use when wanting to overtake other vehicles on a postie bike plus if you venture onto any highway i'd imagine you'd get blown around abit by the winds...
  6. Congrats on passing...
  7. storage..top box, tank and tail bag...back pack...
  8. 87crisis: you got in at post #5 and no temperature query.

    What's up with that?

    You changed man, you changed...
  9. Welcome to NR. (y)
  10. Congratulations on getting your lic, welcome to nr.
  11. Don't be fooled by the size of the bike and what it takes to handle them, especially sportbikes. It doesn't take much effort to manoevre at all. Just a little lean on your handle bar and it'll go where you want it to go. You'll be capable for most 125 or 250cc sportbikes.

    Welcome to NR!
  12. lol i figure i'll ease off the ladies for abit until all the new mods get over the initial excitement of being able to use the banhammer...plus i figure even if on the off chance that she isn't hot...i'm sure one of her friends is...and i'll still take on this lovely lady so one of the other nr member's can take the hot friend...i'm just that awesome....so ...kellypxl...ever been a mistress before? it's ok...i'm only kinda married(engaged) so you can just be..kind of a home-wrecker.
  13. welcome to NR, congrats on the learners, when buying a bike, you might want to get one with a rack already on it? Most bikes have 'hooks' where you can place a bag or backpack onto your seat and occy strap it down to the seat. Alot of options and I certain the gentlemen from sydney will assist, do get to the hombush training sessions, life saving experience and training free of charge, great community this place, read alot, ask alot and learn alot!! Gee, you cant tell I;m an old fart lol
  14. Hi everyone!

    Well I suppose an update is in order..

    I have purchased a scooter. Shock, horror I know. I ended up buying a Sym Classic 125 brand new for $2400 (inc ORC).

    It's much easier than a motorcycle, controlling the speed with the throttle and so forth. Comfortably pulls up to a nice speed.

    On my second day of owning the bike I rode into the city to purchase a new helmet and pair of gloves. Boy, wasn't that fun! Slightly terrified, but after 2 hours of circling around the city like a shark my confidence level has risen. Also have ridden at night once or twice on very quiet roads to and from my work. Ended up purchasing a full face helmet too which is nice and snug.

    I will probably end up with a motorcycle in 2 or 3 years. But for now a scooter seemed like the best option (storage, ease of operation, etc...) Also, even though the Lisbeth Salander look would've been more achievable on a sexy black Kawasaki, I have to admit my bike looks pretty damn cute (hopefully a higher cuteness ratio somehow means higher visibility to car drivers???)

    Regardless, thank you all for your recommendations. Will join in on the other discussions on the forums!
  15. Congratulations.

    You would've gotten used to the motorcycle in an hour or so of riding. Each to their own, but I find a motorcycle easier to control than a scooter.

    I hope you mean you were using an OLD helmet to ride into the city with...

    Don't EVER bet on it!

    Welcome to NR. It's a great place. (y)
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