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new sydney rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by POPEYE, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. hi guys,

    i am new to this forum & have already made a few posts & only just read that i should introduce myself here first, so sorry for breaking this sites etiquette....

    I am a new rider, well not really I rode a 85' rg250 (4500k's) - see below - in 02' but never went to my p's. I have since gifted this bike to my mate who has been restoring it - after lugging it around for 7 year!!!.

    I have now been riding an imported cbr250rr mc22 import (see below) since February this year (8000k's).

    I have taken the bike down to old pacific highway & the royal national park maybe a dozen times now & really enjoyed it often times accompanied by my mate on his 83' rg250... (I call him RG MAN!!!).

    I probably wont be going down to the Nato anymore, pulled up twice 1st time, lost three points (crossing a double white line)...2nd time he had the gun on me but did not get my speed...poor bloke on the bmw? got done 120 in a 60!! & lost his licence. Plus too many blind corner & rocket ships to dodge....

    Old Pacific is better especially on a week day when there is no one there...

    I will be doing my first track day on this Saturday 06.11.10 & I really really hope its a dry track but either way i hope to see you there.....

    ride safe


  2. welcome mate
  3. Good pics mate and welcome to the loony bin

  4. G'day mate

    Fun Ha!
  5. Welvome mate
  6. thanks guys

    can anyone provide more details on the home bush p plater saturdays & what is involved?

    I am always looking to learn more... thanks
  7. G'day Popeye and welcome dude.
  8. It's a learners session but heaps of P platers there, it's in the NSW section, can't paste link from iPhone

    So basically learners go there and practice the MOST test readying themselves for the P test
  9. Welcome :)

  10. Great bikes mate. Welcome!

  11. Hey Popeye,
    Welcome to NR. Have a look at the thread (linky in my sig) or just come on down and say Hi. Its a mix of some fulls, lotsa Ps and a variety of Ls. All are welcome and we're a reasonably friendly mob :D