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new sydney rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nicko18, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. hey forum.

    im pretty new to biking. Got my L's about a year and a half ago and picked myself up a pretty cheap CB250. Started off riding around my local streets, national parks and was starting to get used to riding on the main roads but got pretty busy with work and travel and the riding trailed off. So all up i probably only rode the thing for about 2 or 3 months on weekends - which is pretty minimal.

    So now my rego has expired and so have my L's so i'll be doing the learner riding test again in a few weeks and will hopefully be hitting the streets a hell of a lot more.

    Cant wait

  2. G'day mate and welcome. Where in Sydney are you located?

    Fun Ha!
  3. welcome aboard handsome pants! have fun :D

    hope ya get on asap after the L's test :)
  4. cheers

    i live on the northern beaches. havent really rode further west than frenchs forest/terrey hills or south of manly.

    yeah i hope to get on the bike on the monday after the test if the re-rego process is smooth enough. The only problem is my bike has been sitting in the garage for a while and has a flat battery plus i think the choke line is full of fuel.

    Anyway if it costs more than a thousand bucks to fix right up ima just hop on ebay or something and get another cheap thing, like $3000 vacinity. Seen some pretty nice kawasaki zzrs for about that. At least i wont have the problem I did with my first bike where i had to get the saleman to ride it to my place cos I was too inexperienced to drive it on the main roads lol
  5. Sounds like you'll be set pretty soon. (y) Hope you don't have to shell out too much to get riding again.

    Have fun on the course.

    Fun Ha!
  6. compared to what i spend on my car it'll barely touch the sides of my wallet!!
  7. Welcome in Nicko
  8. You have too much monies :D Can I have some? :p
  9. hehe not really... i noticed when i was doing lots of short trips and practice rides on the bike i was using hardly any petrol. My car is an absolute gas guzzler, plus its old. Costs me a fortune!!

    As for getting a second hand bike, i hope my current one isn't too expensive to fix, but if it is then itll cost more than the bikes worth.. Its been sitting in the garage for over a year now so god knows how bad a shape its in 8-[
  10. Welcome to NR. Wow you're gonna ace that Ls course :applause:.
  11. Welcome bud! A nice easy ride near your area is up around West Head and Church Point. Spectacular views when you get to the end! Just watch out for all the lycra boys! :)

    Good Luck in the test!
  12. oh no! now the pressure is on. Its been aaaages.

    When I did the L's test back in late 2008 I was amazed at how many in the group had experience in riding before. Most either already owned a bike and did some offroad stuff or had some experience somewhere along the line.

    I was one of about 4-5 people out of 13 who had never physically rode one before, and maybe the only didnt know where the gears were or anything!
  13. yep, it looks like a sweet ride if you can dodge all the cyclists.

    I saw there was a group on here who cruise that area. Once I get a bit better might see if I can tag along at the back of the pack :?
  14. With a name like Nicko, you must be a legend - surely (y)
    Welcome to Netrider mate.
  15. got the bike a new battery over the weekend and after 20 minutes chugging the starter motor it finally kicked into life today =D>. Practiced a few takeoffs in the driveway and they all went pretty smoothly.

    Didn't take it out on the road or anything.. but so keen for the L's test later in the week :D
  16. thought i'd post a pic..

    taken next to the old pacific hwy which i had the guts to ride today.

  17. Hey Nicko, I am another N.B.ite along with another guy weebubba.
    Weebubba and myself keep on trying to organise a practice session up in one of the culdesacs behind the Bunnings in Belrose.
    If you would like to come over and have a practice once we get it organised then let me know, or alternativly if you would like to come along to the learners session in Homebush on the weekend you can follow me for the ride in. :)
  18. keen for that at Belrose.. for sure.