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New Sydney member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Evster, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Hi there my name is Evan and I'm from Sydney. I've been reading the forums for a while and have signed up to get involved with some ride outs and hear people's perspectives on their bikes, from riding to breaking to tinkering.

    I've been riding for about 18 years, since a cousin of mine offered me a go on his peewee 50 - after much cajoling I made it about 20 meters before I crashed...but it was enough for the riding bug to bite... I've since spent time on everything from humble RT100s and Suzuki TS185s to fire breathing YZs WRs and KTM SX race bikes.

    On the road I started with the CBR250RR back when they were the learner bike of choice, before moving on to the Honda SP1, a stint on an R6 as well as a tricked out Aprilia RS125 and BW100 scooter for a bit of a laugh. Now with the benefit of a very understanding wife I'm lucky enough to have my dream garage, a BMW HP4, an air cooled Hypermotard, and a couple of 250 two strokes (NSR MC21SP and an Aprilia RS, yep I love two strokes).

    Skill wise I'm a pretty average rider and am always keen to learn new skills and perspectives. So far most of my road riding experience has been solo as none of my mates ride so I'm keen to branch out for the occasional group ride out. I don't discriminate as I think every rider has something to add to the motorcycling conversation and every bike (scooters included!) can make you feel a euphoria that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

    Looking forward to seeing a few of you out on the road some time.

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  2. You've had, and have, nice variety of machinery, welcome to Netrider, keep an eye out for Sydney-based rides.
  3. G'day and welcome, EvanEvan. Understanding the draw of motorcycling is high on the list of attractive attributes for wives and partners to have isn't it; I'm fortunate in that regard too.
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  4. gday EvsterEvster welcome to NR!
  5. Welcome mate, hopefully see you on some of the rides around Sydney :cool:
  6. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Feel free to join the 6 ferry ride in May - details in the new events section.
  7. Welcome EvsterEvster whereabouts are you?
  8. Welcome to NR
  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. Thanks all for the welcome. To answer the points above I'm in the northern suburbs and I'll keep an eye out for the 6 ferry ride and future outings.