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New Sydney member MT-09

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TonyMT-09, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have read thousands of posts from many forums but this is my first time posting in an Australia bike forum.
    I have lived (and ridden bikes) in the Philippines, China and Vietnam. Now I'm home so I decided to buy a reasonably priced standard bike.
    The MT-09 had everything I was looking for and now with over 5000km I'm really impressed by the bike.
    I have changed the rear sprocket to one with 43 teeth and now the engine is not working so hard at 110kph.
    I have put some crash knobs and engine case covers on the bike just in case. I won't change the exhaust because the bike has more engine than I can use and the suspension, while soft, is ok for my purposes.
    I have installed a rad guard, lowered the instruments (using an alloy bracket) and installed a few other farckles.
    I've never done a group ride but I look forward to going on my first one this year.

    Anyway, hello and thanks for letting me join ;)


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  2. Welcome...
  3. Welcome to the forum mate
  4. Welcome to netrider tony
  5. Another welcome... That MT09 is next on my list! Just bought a MT07 (have to change my avatar pic!) and when I'm off my restriction, start looking! Looks great!
  6. Welcome aboard :)
  7. Welcome mate
  8. Welcome to NR...
  9. Welcome mate :cool:
  10. Welcome and Enjoy
  11. Helo Tony
  12. Welcome. :) You've struck gold if you're looking for group riding, the Sydney NR posse makes all us southerners hells jealous. Well, me anyway. ;) Enjoy!
  13. gday TonyMT-09TonyMT-09 and welcome to NR - get your posts up to about ten and you can post some pics, we love pics!

    might see you on one of the local rides that GeorgeOGeorgeO is famous for!
  14. Welcome aboard Tony !

    Great name too :cool:
  15. Welcome Tony ! might see you on the road as I'm from south of Sydney.
  16. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me to NR. I'm really looking forward to 3 days of riding this weekend. I hope its sunny!