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new sydney guy here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by james.leo, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Hey all, thought I would drop a line seeing I just picked up my new GSXR600 today! So far so good, keen to get a few rides going with locals !!!!!

  2. welcome mate, your photo dosnt work
  3. Should be fixed now. Thanks for the welcome. Hey man, noticed you were attempting to arrange a photoshoot, you still keen on organising something like this?
  4. Ye mate, still trying to decide on a date, should be on soon
  5. hey gsxr600 - Ill give you some advice, stay away from goz ... he is trouble you know !!
    Plus he rides an R6 even though he really wants a Ninja :) LOL

    Just fooling about mate, welcome to the forums from a fellow sydney sider, might see you on the road
  6. hey thanks for the welcome ZX, yeah if ya ever head up Northern Beaches way keep an eye out for the best looking GSXR600 out lol

    as for Goz, yeah let us know dates.
  7. Not after a brand new ninja that blows head gaskets first week of riding, crapasaki it aint, yamaha number 1 :D
  8. the new Honda CBR600 looks alright, checked them out at the dealer too, but couldn't not get the GSXR600 amazing frikkin bike to ride.
  9. gorgeous bike mate !
  10. Thanks for the compliment mate !!!
  11. any time. after all i have a gix too hehe

    i dont think im local to you but always up for a ride :)
  12. sweet - sent you a private message !