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New syd rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by SilentBob, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Hey all.......ive been on NR for a few weeks now, met afew peeps at the fiddler afew weeks back, but realised i hadnt formally introduced myself to the forum!

    Neways my names rob...aka silent bob....23yrs old.....had my Ls just over 3months and goin for Ps on 20th june :grin: (fingers crossed!!!!!) I started off on a gpx250, but couldnt help myself when the new cb400 came out so i went out and bought one! And dont regret one cent.......heaps more responsive in all aspects of riding! But yeah ill post some pics up soon.....she's a sweet looking thing.....black ofcourse :p Am actually looking for some pipes for it......dont think the stock pipes do it justice! So if anyone has any recomendations or wateva i frankly have very little knowledge on the subject so would appreciate any tips :)

    I still havnt been on any group rides......but hopefully thatll change soon!
    Actually thinking of doin the putty this sat(7th) by myself, unless people wanna join!......might post it up in the rides section....if im allowed to :p

    So yeah am keen to get some K's under my belt so if anyone in the hillsish area wants a riding buddy just PM me and we'll go from there....sweet.

    See ya's round!

  2. howdy Rob. :grin:
  3. Welcome.

    Hills district aint too far from me... but my bike needs some work. Maybe we can go for a spin when its fixed.
  4. sounds like me - im also in hills district, had my license for a couple of months

    also met a couple of people at the fiddler this past weekend, and have not been on any rides yet...but very keen to!
  5. Welcome :D

    Sweeet bike choice, pictures asap please! I might join you in a bit of putty action, esp if I can have a go of it :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Hey Rob – I met you at the Fiddler a couple of weeks ago now! Officially – welcome! :grin:
  7. Welcome Rob !
    Good Luck on the 20th ! :wink:
  8. Welcome. I might be up for a ride this Saturday.. Post details up in the events section or in here. Late notice but still might get a few people.
  9. Hey everyone......thanks for the welcomes, much appreciated!

    As for ride this sat, sounds like i might get afew along.......although it is forecast rain at this stage so not sure wats gonna happen?!? But just for an idea id say def late start, maybe 10?....most likely meet at ettamogah....but will sort out details sooner wen i get a better idea of weather

    Phizog: Id be happy for u to take a spin.....i dont mind showing it off :p

    Harte: let me know wen ur bike gets fixed and we'll tee up a ride or something

    See ya's round
  10. hey mate show us your bike :grin:
  11. hey not-so-silent-Bob :LOL:

    Putty on Saturday would be great, but if it keeps up with this rain, no-one's going to be going anywhere!!!
  12. Heres a couple of pic........due to my crap computer skills i couldnt resize it so if you click on it for full size it almost is :p Oh yeah its crap lighting aswell


  13. heh heh, halfway house between a Hornet 250 and a Hornet 600, lots of parts in common there.....
  14. Very nice bike... =P~