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new syd rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nyteskye, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. hey all.. hows it goin?
    im jan (male) from blacktown.. got my Ls about a month ago, getting my bike today which is a yamaha fz6r .. cant wait to meet a few people here and ride with yous.. and go to the sunday practices..

    forum is awesome with tips and good info for new riders

    cheers =D
  2. welcome jan, nice to have another one on two wheels, and posting here on Netrider
  3. Obviously unable to sleep due to excitement of picking up the new bike today if your posting at 3am. Good bike the fz. Welcome and we'll see you on the road.
  4. Cheers. Welcome to NR. You are right about picking up tips and info here. I've learnt a lot here.

    Nice Bike as well. Ride Safe.
  5. Welcome to NT Jan.
  6. welcome, theres a couple of us in your area :)
  7. sweet thanks for the welcome guyss [=..

    where bouts u from azcruiser?

    went to bondi today on my firs bike cruise... ohh it felt awesome =D =D
  8. A hop and a skip away from you, if you live at Blacktown...............There are a few of us here from the area so just hit us up if you want to cruise.
  9. yeaaah sweeet.. sounds good... just inbox me