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New Syd rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Vereor, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Since I've been lurking for a while I figure I'd post up. There's some really great information on this site coming from all the experienced riders and as a n00b it's been very helpful. Thanks all.

    Got a 2010 Hyosung GT650R red/black in November and just been riding around ever since. Only one close call so far involving some water/oil patch on a corner on new south head road.. but all good apart from that. Though it's a biatch to get it to u-turn. I'll be heading out to the L's sessions early next year when they start up again to see if I can rectify that.

    Mostly get around the city/east sydney/northern beaches/shire, occasionally out west as well. My current favourite route is from the CBD up to Watsons bay then down to La-perouse through all the little windy roads along the coast. It's a nice ride.

    Obligatory pics:



    See you guys out there ;)
  2. Hi, welcome! Your U-turns will improve heaps once you start on your L sessions!
  3. Hey mate. I only just got my license yesterday and the bike cones today. I notice you ride in my area. I live in Darling point. If you are keen in the new year I'm getting an east Sydney group together for learner rides.
  4. Thanks Ametha ;)

    Chiro, I'm up for it just let me know when. I haven't been on any group rides yet so it should be fun
  5. If appearances mean anything, you've got it made :LOL:.
  6. Hyosungs are very difficult to do tight u-turns on as are monsters for one reason and one reason only, they have a crap turning circle!
    You'd think being a v-twin it would have an excellent turning lock on the steering , but it's quit the opposite they have a crap turning circle.

    Being a v-twin they are narrower than a in-line four or parrell twin but because of the engine lay out of the v-twin it made the radiator have to sit quit far forward as a result ,this is where they fall short when turning, cause the radiator is in the way resulting in that poor turning lock.

    Its not impossible to do fairly good u-turns on a one but they will never be as tight as say a CBF/VTR/DRZ/BALIUS/HORNET/BANDIT or most others LAMS bikes, sorry but you just have to learn to live with that down fall.