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New Suzuki V-strom 650

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Going Camping, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Put a deposit on a DL650AL6 today... it's going to be a long 5 days til I can go and pick it up!
    I haven't ridden a Motorcycle for over 10 years so I had to buy new gear as well.
    I'm a bit nervous about the ride home, even though I only have a few kms to get home on mostly back streets. Is there anything I need to double check that the dealer has done before I handover the money or head off on the new bike?

    I remember kicking myself for not doing a more thorough check the last time I bought a car. I paid a whole heap of money for leather/fabric protection and they did hell of a crap job. Should have demanded they fix it BEFORE giving them money.
  2. Make sure it's not the LAMS version! Even the dealer can't tell haha. Check the Vin.
  3. Forget the leather/fabric protection, you won't need it:LOL:

    Exciting times, especially after 10 years. Make sure any extras you factored in have been fitted. Quite often the dealers say that they didn't arrive and they will fit them at the first service, somehow they assume you'll be taking it to them for service:shifty:

    Tyre pressures and oil should be checked and give it a full going over with spanners/screwdriver/hex keys, etc when you get home. You'd be surprised (or maybe not) what gets missed at the so called "pre-delivery inspection." One of my new bikes had zero kays on it and had an issue which would have been picked up in a test ride.

    The V-Strom will serve you well, enjoy your new toy and hope to see you on a ride some time.

    Ned (y)
  4. Include the axles in the loose bolt check. Look at coolant and oil levels ("we check those at first service!" :shifty:) Check chain alignment and tension, and be weary of excess chain oil being flung onto the rear after the first ride. Your headlight will probably be aimed high enough to shoot down low orbiting satellites as well... and don't be afraid to grab throttle bodies and give them a good shake to make sure they don't fall off.

    ^All things that have been problems for me and dad with brand new bikes over the last 5 years.^
  5. Congrats on the new v strom!....you must give us your thoughts when you have ridden it for a bit :) Which dealer did you buy from?
    And we want photos or it didn't happen haha!
  6. Gratz on the VStrom, I know quite a few 650 riders (have a 2014 DL1000 myself) and they are great machines. Just pretty much what ever one else has said, go over the bike with the sales guy when you pick it up, be a bit anal about things, ask lots of questions, take your time and don't let them get you all overexcited and push you out of the dealership (they have their money and want you gone).
  7. Any suggestions on how long it might take to check, pay and sign for a new bike? The sales guy I am dealing with wants me in and out in 40mins because he has a meeting to go to or something...
  8. Yeah they'll always try to rush you out the door. Just check what everyone has suggested in the posts above. The only extra things I asked/checked with mine where the accessories I got with it, just made sure they were all on before I took off.
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  9. If need be, reschedule the pick up time. I used to work in vehicle sales and salesmen usually want to be back on the floor a.s.a.p. to bag another customer/sale.

    If you feel rushed, you'll probably leave the shop in that frame of mind and crash around the first corner.
  10. Yep, don't leave until you are happy. You are the customer.
  11. All good, went very smoothly. I was still mucking around with getting gear comfortable and detagged when Sales guy came back out of meeting and he checked on me and took a photo out front of dealership.
    Only issue was a loose mirror and I thought they were supposed to supply full tank of fuel. Fixed the mirror as quick as he could find the right spanner!

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  12. Nice looking bike
  13. Did you determine this because you got fuel in it at the servo? Or from the fuel gauge?

    Smart purchase btw (y)
  14. Actually, he was showing me how to open the tank and it looked empty so he straightened it up, showed me the gauge and said "look, its got fuel in it...". Was one bar or 1/5th of a tank! I guess it's not a big deal as there is a service station two shops down, it doesn't cost much to fill it!
  15. Yep, I would think atleast half a tank is a given.