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New Suzuki concept bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Pretty sure there was a thread about this yesterday but it seems to have disappeared. Suzuki has revealed a new concept bike called the Stratosphere which appears to have styling heavily based on the Katana. Hopefully it goes ahead for production, the parallel 6 engine should quiten all those who complain about the Japanese only churning out 4-cylinder sportsbikes. Don't know if I like the headlights though.

  2. looks ok i guess :? but what i like about the katana is the age of it, that thing doesn't look futureistic anymore and it doesn't look retro either, not exactly classic material so i doubt there'd be much of a market for it.

    like the 6, have you got any more details on it (size, weight, power?). i still reckon the BKing was much more on the money :D
  3. Looks plain nasty to me :(
  4. Yeah, probably should have mentioned its 1100cc and supposedly putting out 180bhp.
  5. meh, no accounting for tastes, I'm normally pretty conservative in these sorts of things, but I like it!
    Wonder if it will SOUND as nice as the Honda CBX??
    (Tall tales; one of the teams working on the CBX was next to a USAF base where Phantoms took off and landed, and just for fun they built a six-into-one exhaust system that sounded JUST LIKE A PHANTOM on take-off!!! Needless to say it didn't get to production.....)
  6. Yeah, that was me. I just thought that nobody liked it :LOL:
    Or me :( :LOL:

    I think it's great. An in-line 6 again, certainly beats all those boring 4's :eek:
  7. Anyway... Hans Muth designed the R65LS before the Katana... :p :p
  8. No, don't know where the original thread went, appears to be a mystery all round... maybe somebody took real offence to the new Kat :LOL:

    Whatever :roll: new Katana, fab (but not as fab as the K1200S).
  9. Sifn't take the opportunity to put three pipes on each side.

    That said, GARGH that's fugly. Plus...what's a full system gonna cost for that? :shock:
  10. interesting... I have the new BMW on another page and I'm just flicking b/w the two.... is there a certain new "style" developing??

    If so does my VFR look cool??
  11. Inline 6 hey.... I wonder if anyone would be flexible enough to stradle it. :wink:
  12. As TonyE Hans Muth designed both BMWs and the Katana so perhaps they've both just evolved along similar lines. The answer to your second question is no :p .
  13. That thing just looks plain ugly, and I would be bloody suprised if it ever gets further than concept stage.

    180hp? Anyone for windblast!?

    Would sound great though!
  14. Apparently the engine is exactly the same width as a Fireblade's, which kind of takes some of the fun out of it for me.
  15. I hope the consumer backlash about it's looks doesn't kill the engine. Seen a few good engines disapear, because they were in a bad or ugly bike. e.g. rf900
  16. The bike is just plain ugly looks like a 1980s reject suzuki please dont do it
  17. That's the spirit, start as you mean to go on :LOL:

    Welcome to the forums, thunderheart.
  18. Thanks nearlyempty nice to be here I always say it like it is when has a concept bike ever looked any good :wink:
  19. BKing :wink:
  20. The Honda VTR1000 concept at the Melbourne expo looked good (but then I actually like the new Suzuki).