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New Super Cheap ad...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 17SJS, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. So, haven't seen anyone else post this up as yet - saw a new ad being shown on TV tonight for www.yourcarma.com.au (which is a joint venture between Super Cheap Auto and DriverSafety.com.au) which I think will, or at least should, put our collective noses out of joint.

    So, before I go giving my thoughts, has anyone else seen the ad in question - to do with filtering...? Did it get anyone else a little worked up?

  2. I saw it and swore at the TV :(

    I will now be boycotting stupidcheap
  3. i havent seen it. whats it about?
  4. shows a bloke on a motorbike lane splitting and some woman opens a car door on him...then shows the bloke swinging a broken mirror with Russell Ingall voice over crapping on about lane splitting and for us not to break the law
  5. any one got a link
  6. I wonder if a bicycling organisation sent a letter complaining about the ad whether it would be pulled - being "cardoored" is an ever present fear for cyclists.
  7. here is a blurb about 2 wheel vehicles "The tricky thing about road users on two wheels is they are much more difficult to see than cars, trucks or buses.

    Two wheeled vehicles are smaller and much more agile than those on four wheels.

    This means they can be hidden from your view and seemingly reappear without much warning.

    Also they may be travelling at different speeds compared to the rest of the traffic flow.

    Keep a close watch ahead and in your mirrors for any sign of a motorcycle weaving its way through the traffic.

    The problem here is that, very often, a motorcycle can approach rapidly without you even realising it’s there.

    This is especially the case in bumper-to-bumper traffic where it may be hidden not only by the blind spots of your own car, but also by other vehicles.

    At intersections, motorcycles and other two wheelers may also be completely hidden by roadside objects as narrow as a pole.

    Scooters are popular and their numbers have certainly grown in recent times. These vehicles aren’t very powerful generally and take longer to get up to speed compared to a motorcycle. Be careful when moving off in traffic behind scooters – they might not ‘take off’ as quickly as you anticipate.

    Pushbikes are commonly encountered on suburban streets being ridden by children who may not be as street savvy as they’d like to think. They can, and often do, make unpredictable moves without really thinking about the dangers.

    Be extra careful when approaching any child on a bike and be ready for the unexpected, especially in school zones where there can be even more young cyclists about. In larger cities, you might also encounter pushbike couriers.

    These guys are often in a major hurry and may zip on and off the footpath as they run the gauntlet of both traffic and pedestrians. Once again, stay alert.

    When overtaking any slower moving two wheeler, it’s vital to give the rider plenty of clearance. Don’t race by right on their shoulder or cut them off. Try to give them as much clearance as you would another car.

    Patience is the key in these circumstances.

    It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to watch out for any two wheel vehicle. A small collision between two cars might require a trip to the panel beater. A small collision with a motorbike or ‘pushy’ might be fatal.

    Drive Safely – Russell White Driversafety.com.au"

  8. I couldn't find the ad on their website but I did find this for those that are fealing steamed about it.


    Customer Feedback
    We are committed to listening to your feedback as we strive to give you product and service that is value for money.

    Have your say, your comments will help us. We welcome your feedback by:

    Phone Aus: 1300 760 855
    Phone NZ: 0800 744 566

    In writing:
    Customer Feedback
    PO Box 344
    Strathpine QLD 4500

    By email: feedback@supercheapauto.com

    We will investigate any issue raised and respond in writing within 20 working days.
  9. That's what I don't get. That article isn't really anti-bike, almost pro-bike in some ways, but the tv spot is definitely having a swing at filtering being wrong.

    Wish i'd been watching the tv properly so i could remember the wording of it.
  10. i have'nt seen it.
    but the illegal thing here was the car door being opened in traffic.
    i'll be voicing my discontent over the phone with this one, instead of e-mails etc (ty for numbers j3ster).
    first i need to he see the add

    we are getting defamed en masse a little too often by the media of late.
    i guess we're just a weak easy target.
    i would like to have a strong action plan in place, perhaps through the MRA, so as we can respond quickly and effectively to media slurs.
    boycotts could be made public, at Supercheap for example, with manned picked lines at major stores, just take turns manning them... plackards, flyers, sausage sizzle etc, completely tame and civil peacefull protest.
    a media response defense plan would require a lot of us to be available and easilly contacted to donate some of our time, but i'd put my name on the list.
    we really need to get a strong public reaction out there in response to ignorant articles etc in the media, or in this case private business advertising... they need to be made aware that it effects their bottom line, a public apology should be insisted apon and those responsible for the slur need to be educated.

    until we make an example of someone or some corporate enterprize we may as well just keep bending over and lubing up everytime we turn on the telly or radio.
    a strong example would hopefully deter future attacks from other organizations.

    we do have the numbers to do this, we just need to concentrate them into a force to be recognized.
    if the head of that hypothetical force was to contact a Supercheap ceo in a profesional manner and explain that a subsequent advert on tv explaining that the driver was in fact breaking the law, though the riders response was reprehensible he had a genuine concern to be upset etc.
    that such an advert would actually cost the business far less than they would lose in revenue, were they to ignore the request.
  11. a powerfull lobby group is an absolute neccessity for us all now.
    without such a group to come to our defense riders will continue to respond to threats as individuals.
    that means more smashed mirrors and more road rage.
    and more ignorance in the wider populus.
    i believe we have cause to petition state, even federal governments for funding to help establish such a group.
  12. I haven't seen the ad but Supercheap sell bike stuff, oil, chain lube etc... nice way to piss off customers.!
  13. Rob Colligan from the Motorcycle Council of NSW saw the ad and has lodged a protest with the Advertising Standards Council. I'll update you with any feedback recd.

    In the meantime call channel nine and lodge a complaint, especially as it is M/C Awareness Week. I'm happy to pay costs to someone if they recorded the show to obtian a copy.

    By phone:

    Channel Nine Sydney (02) 9906-9999
    Channel Nine Melbourne (03) 9420-3111
    Channel Nine Brisbane (07) 3214-9999
    Channel Nine Adelaide (08) 8267 0111
    Channel Nine Perth (08) 9449 9999
  14. We have several bodies in NSW. The Motorcycle Council of NSW is in a strong position to bring about change and is very proactive in lobbying for change. The CTP protest is a good example.

    The Council meets on the first Monday of each month (unless it is a public holiday where it is moved to the following Monday)

    The meetings are from 7:30 and the venue is at Ryde Ex-Services Club (Bowling clubrooms) 724 Victoria Rd, Ryde, NSW 2112

    The next meeting is this Monday night. Visitors welcome.

    As part of Motorycle Awareness Week, there are two MCC sponsored events happening this weekend. At each event there will be a MCC stand with loads of information and leaflets etc available.

    Today there is the celebration Ride to Eastern Creek:


    Tomorrow there is Breakfast Torque at Loftus Oval. There will be safety displays, trade displays, bikes to test ride etc.

  15. I r write bunch of words for send electronic letter.
  16. *edit* oops, I fail at reading and comprehension. OP wasn't linking to video in question.
  17. Holy ****ing shit. It won't be long before some **** head catches on to this and kills someone.

    Supercheap should be pressured to make an on-air apology and correct the error of their ways as best as they can :|
  18. Meh.. Seriously I don't think, when splitting/overtaking/etc we dont seriously recognise it as a 'danger'

    yes, if we all trundled along at 100kph 2seconds behind one another, all in perfect cars.. omg! the world would be a safer place! noone would ever get hurt...

    HA. HA. HA.

    Yeah.. pigs may fly (without the aid of helicopters/planes!)

    When I overtake, I commit myself to realising that something MIGHT go wrong. The dipshit might take offense and run into me.

    Same when splitting, the ******** infront of you may open his door on you.

    People break the law. it happens. But I will stop overtaking 3 trailer trucks at 140 and stop lanesplitting, when people stop drink driving, drug driving, and doing burnouts on my street.

    I'd just like to think I never drive in a dangerous manner. THAT is the important part. Because you might ride like an angel. Its the ******** who runs the red light thats going to kill you.
  19. Re: Carma: Supercrap Auto's misguided ad campaign

    That ad must have been made by the same aliens that made the TAC add. A dark coloured car's driver door opens... and somehow the rider's brakes and stops at a white tradey vehicle with a damaged mirror.??

    What a stupid farking ad!

    Actually they're all stupid ads! The key messages are lost in poor unmemorable low key stupid scenarios. There would be better ways to demonstrate the perils of mobile phones and acceleration than the ones shown. I think these ads definitely came from Alien ad productions inc.