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New Sunshine Coast, QLD rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RetroRacer67, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Hi there,

    Learned to ride on my uncles YZ400E when I was 10 (yes, that was a while ago now...), raced MX for a few years, then onto the street as soon as I could.

    Spent plenty of time at Amaroo, Oran, Wakefield, Eastern Creek.
    Firmly believe the best performance money you can spend is on your own riding ability - GET TRAINED people!

    Spent some years away from bikes when my kids were younger.
    Came back with a ground up StreetFighter build. Unfortunately, I built it for the rider I used to be...

    Bought a scooter (yes laugh now, but here in Noosa they're almost obligatory), & love it's simplicity.
    Just finishing a milder build - GN250 RetroRacer - which I did with my son.

    Hope I haven't bored you all to tears now?
  2. pics or it didn't happen. welcome mate
  3. Welcome digger. By the tracks you mention your vintage is about mine. Spent most of my youth at Ameroo and Oran Park.
    The Sunny coast's a pretty fine place to relax and play. There's not much work up here so it's lots of riding, surfing, mnt biking, fishing and girl watching.
    I grew up on Syd's north beaches then moved to Noosa. It all got a bit busy so I snuck down to Coolum. Me and Clive where like this..................
  4. welcome aboard mate :]
  5. One of my besties Rex Cunningham is an x Woolongong boy
  6. Welcome to NR.
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    It is Paradise, for sure! For me time with family, surfing, coffee.
    I grew up South of Sydney (Ilawarra area), moved here 3 years ago.
    They say Clive is crazy, but he is way more sane than the other lunatics who actually do run the country...

    Thanks for that.

    Thank you!

    On work pc atm, will load some pics when I get back home.
  8. Ok, can't seem to find hoe to upload pics? See, I'm trying to fit in...
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    Ok, I have put it up on showcase, just waiting for moderation ;)

    <mod-edit> Showcase threads are not being approved so access to your image gallery is blocked. Photos below.

    The aim of this project was to create an easy to build & ride fun bike, that is ideal for local riding & a few short rides. It is probably 95% complete at time of writing, with just some aesthetics to pin down & a few niggles to sort. I have included a before & after photo so you can see how much was achieved.
    RetroRacer67, Yesterday at 18:44 Delete ReporttLike

    Item Status: Awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly.

    Image gallery:

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  10. I do every thing in moderation
  11. I only do moderation in moderation.

    Welcome to Nutrider, new dude! :wacky:
  12. Being moderately moderate? Now there's a concept...
    Thanks for the welcome, mate.