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New style IPOD = kick a$$

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Dec 7, 2006.

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  2. That does look pretty good for the bike :)
  3. They are so small, i have the 8gb Nano aound my neck and it's fantastic.
  4. I saw Speed's one last week and I just have to get me one of those :grin:
  5. I have been using a 1GB iPod shuffle since well before it's launch (I know people :wink: ), and it could have been made for riding. It's tiny, it is made of metal, it has a built-in clip to attach to your jacket, the controls can be used with a gloved hand, you can store 240 songs and get 12hrs continuous use from a single charge (no batteries required), and it is just $119. I also have a 60GB iPod video, but the shuffle is just so convenient for the bike, and you could even drop it at 100kph and it would probably still work!

    I have found that the trick with the new shuffle is to put the phones in your ears before you put your jacket on, then hold the shuffle in your right hand (with the phones plugged in) when you put your right arm down the sleeve of your jacket. It is then easily clipped to the cuff of your jacket with the built-in clip, and can be easily operated with your left hand. All the cables are now inside your jacket and away from the wind, and you can easily see the controls.
  6. Great tip Inci :grin:

    At the moment I slip my MP3 into my inside jacket pocket, but it's a pain when stopping cos I can't hear a thing over it :? (It's doesn't interfere with bike/road noise etc., can still hear that fine).
  7. I have a sneaking suspicion that santa might me bringing me an 80gb bad boy for Chrissy. The day that iPod have an FM tuner built into them will be the day they become perfect !
  8. But what's the point of having all that space just to listen to the Radio? You can get a wireless radio already! :)

    I was looking at getting a cheap iPod or similar at a special shopping night tonight, then i spent half of the mp3 player budget on clutch cables :cry: Ahhhh well, soon enough I guess.
  9. Yay! I got given a iPod Shuffle V2 for an early xmas present! You're right inci, pretty much perfect for riding, though it's so small my only concern is one day it'll go missing and I won't notice! I replaced the apple earbuds with some "skullcandy" ones from JB Hifi with the little ear canal baffles and they work a treat, I can still hear the bike etc (though everything outside seems to lower in tone) and the music comes through crystal clear. :dance:
  10. I replaced my Iriver (which had a radio) with an Ipod 4gb and I still miss having a radio!

    It's the only real downside to the Ipods... the aftermarket tuners are all rather cludgy... and most don't suit bike use at all.
  11. Haven't you heard that IPods are rated as the most unreliable device of any sort on the market. Why pay premium prices for a brand name and a piece of junk :?: :roll:
  12. Well between me and the kids we have 4 of them from the mini to the 80gb and not one single problem, and based on the volume they are selling I am sure they would have failures.

    I would hate to think how many they have sold. Sorry but Apple products rock and also the software.
  13. I think the Nano's copped a bad rap because of the screen being easy to break. But hey, what do people expect, something that thin is not going to take a pounding.

    Personally I really like the simplicity and how robust the iPods are compared to other similar mp3 players. I've got an old 512 mb shuffle and close to 2 years after getting it I still get around 12 hours charge and have had no dramas with it.
  14. Well I got the mini shuffle for christmas and absolutely love it \:D/

    I used Inci's idea and threaded it through my jacket and clipped on the cuff. Thanks Inci, great tip :grin: No more stuffing around trying to get it out of my pocket to pause/turn it off.

    I found after only one day my leather gloves are already discolouring the face of it. :? so I have just bought some silicon covers off ebay for it and also a 240 volt charger.

    Highly recommend it!
  15. The only thing I don't like about this is I-tunes :evil:

    It took me a couple of days to actually get the thing going because my computer would not recognise it. I ended up going to a friends and it picked it up on their's straight away.

    Filled it up with music, went back home, plugged it into my computer and promptly lost all the data off it :evil:

    Is there an alternative to I-tunes or do Apple have it all stitched up?
  16. I rember reading somewhere that windows media player could be used to sync with the ipod nano's, so i would assume it could be done with the shuffle , but i don't have one so i cant be sure.

    But at least its a possible starting point for further searches :)
  17. I just got an ipod the other day (the small one for the bike) and it's awsome.

    Great tip for down the sleeve set up!!

    I had to download the new version of itunes on the laptop, because the home pc didn't recognise my new ipod (even after I updated to the current i tunes) and I strongly suspect it is because my son also has i tunes on the home pc for his i pod (he has the video type!!)

    After installing, it was real easy to upload from cd.

    It's awsome :LOL: :cool: