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New Street Triple R!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by RedCandle, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. After purchasing my first bike (to get my license with), a 1997 Suzuki GSX-250F, running through the licensing rigmarole I finally decided what bike I wanted to purchase, and get to know better. After months of researching, first of all settling on the 2012 Triple, but not being sold on the design, I moved onto the Ducati Monster, but again styling, price and ergos got in the way. I then started looking at the 2012 VFR800, and was extremely tempted but then after seeing what Triumph had done to the 2013 Triple, my mind was made up, Triumph it was.

    Then, after a week of looking to see if one was available somewhere close (I live in southern NSW), I found a store about 130 KM away that just received at STR, and it was from the launch so it had quite a few factory extras (belly pan, fly screen, TPM, crash bars, paddock stand knobs, machines alloy reservoirs and in the colour of my choice! I had to have it, so here we are, 3 weeks later just picked my new family member up and am now in the process of running in the new bike, which means not using all the power or agility at my finger tips, which really is a good thing as it is a big step up from my old 250, so I'm looking at it the running in KMs as learning to handle the new bike time!




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  2. Great choice. Enjoy!
  3. God damn that is sexy. Love Triumph.

    Enjoy mate! Very jealous. (y)
  4. it's a beauty, mate! I'm jealous. Enjoy your new ride. Stay upright!
  5. Biggest problem is working out how I can utilize my bike for work.... I don't think I will be very successful as carrying servers and similar equipment may be quite hard to fit on the pillion seat!
  6. Ask a courier company to deliver the big and heavy stuff. ;)
  7. True... I do have this card called a Visa.... I'll get started sweet talking work around!
  8. Cool bike!
  9. Such a cool bike! Like how they come with the rim tape matching the bike. Congrats!
  10. gorgeous looking bike mate.
  11. Awesome bike mate, sure you'll have some fun!
  12. Very nice! I have a white one with ABS on the way, should hopefully have it some time next month :)
  13. ABS is one option I wouldn't have minded getting, but not a must have. Hopefully I won't be in a situation where I will be regretting that though! After riding it everyday since Saturday, I can say I am enjoying it a lot more than my old bike, really comfortable and even though I'm still running in the first 800KM and not pushing it, I'm really enjoying the power increase.

    Next month can't come soon enough for you I think!
  14. Yeah mate, cant wait! I still would have bought one if ABS was not available, but I thought, if the option is there then why not. Im have annual leave at around about the time I am expecting the bike to land, so dont think it will take me long to rack up the first 1000 k's ;)
  15. I hate to burst your bubble Huckleburger...... But you have to run in for 1600k's.

    Bloody imperial system! Trust me I know how impatient you feel! :)
  16. Dammit, will be hard to keep the revs down for that long lol.
    Spoke to my sales guy today, seems mine will be built in April, not March as expected. He has the stock number so its in the system. Looks like I will be waiting till May/June for delivery. Perfect timing for the winter riding season (y)
  17. Better get the thermals out! And hope the wait doesn't feel too long for you. :)
  18. Rain hail or shine, I will be out there.. Im sure it will be worth the wait!

    RedCandle, it would be great to hear your thoughts after putting a few miles down on the new STR, like yourself I am stepping up from a 250
  19. Congrats..

    That fender is huuuugeee.. The stock one on mine is tiny by comparison- piccy here (09 model). the cops don't believe it's stock... which it is, I promise.
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  20. Congrats on the new acquisition OP......

    Adder - I must say.......... Your triple is one of the sweetest around......... IMHO the older breeds with the round headlights were stylistically perfect......
    I do Like the new ones.......... But I LOVE the older more subtle style of the first few gens.
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