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New steed added to the stable!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DVC, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Well it finally arrived on Tuesday. My new 2009 Triumph Daytona 675. What an absolute joy to ride and to look at! It's especially cool seeing this bike parked alongside my 2005 Daytona 650.

    Although I live in Darwin I bought the 650 on an impulse when I was in QLD in 05 from TeamMoto Triumph in Springwood. I was so happy with their service that I bought my 675 from them sight-unseen. As with the 650 I've gone for the comfier seat and the carbon tank pad for the 675. This time I also got the clear LED brake light (which I think should be standard, but anyhoo), an alarm system and the Arrow slip-on which should be here in a week or two.

    The 650 is up for sale and my older brother is considering it (pretty interesting synergy there when you think about it - that my older brother may buy my new bike's older brother) but in the meantime it's nice to have a "spare" bike. A lot of mates who ride but are without wheels atm are lining up to go for rides with me, which I'm more than ok with!

    I knew the instant that I first rode the 650 that I was going to buy it, and I knew within a month of owning I was now a Triumph "mark" - that it was going to Trumpies from here on out and after riding the 675 I'm more convinced than ever that they are the best bikes I've ever ridden.




  2. So you like red ones, huh? :grin:

    Nice choice, a few of these are being picked up recently, leaving the rest of us jealous...
  3. Hell yeah.

    And 2 thumbs up for pics!
  4. +++++1 lol Great pics!
  5. wow they are both sexy bikes, whats the price tag on one of those?
  6. The 675 cost me a bit over $17,000 with accessories and then around another $2k in delivery and ORC.
  7. Mint! Nice Shots :)
  8. OOOooooooooo that sexy!!!!

  9. GEEEEEEEEEZ (did I put enough E's) :LOL: that's a nice bike. I bet you it goes like the clappers. I'd love to own one of them. How does it compare to the older 650?

  10. Do bikes come in other colours? I hadn't noticed. :p

    I have to say that for the first few days the 675 seemed really light and skittish compared to the 650 and I was wondering to myself how I was going to tame this thing.

    I took it for its first decent ride last weekend and while I kept the RPMs low while I'm running in the engine I could tell while getting up to speed (~120km/h for this run) that the power was there and it was much greater than the 650 despite only having marginally more capacity. Everything you have read about this bike is true. That triple engine is AMAZING!

    Over a week has passed now and I decided to the ride the 650 to work the other day since I don't want it to sit still for too long attracting cobwebs with the battery turning to shit.

    Somewhere along the line, and without even realising it, I must have adjusted to the 675. Now the 650 feels like a complete pig compared to the 675. I'm having to wrestle it into corners that the 675 can't wait to get into. Saying that and already knowing that the 650 is terrific bike speaks volumes for the 675!

    To anyone out there contemplating a new sports who might not have their heart set on a litre bike - take the 675 for a test ride if you can. I've taken several comparable bikes for a ride, including the CBR-600 and GSX-R600 (admittedly not '09 spec models) and non-comparable bikes like the Suzuki SV-1000 and I can tell you the Daytona 675 is the most breathtaking bike I've ever ridden.

    There's being stubbornly proud of your bike just because it's what you've chosen and then there's the sense of objectively knowing an amazing bike when you've ridden it. I don't mind admitting that this gush-session has some of the former at work, but mostly it's the latter.

    Even if you were thinking of getting a 1000cc+ for your next ride, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't consider the 675. I said in my first post that I knew the first time I rode the 650 that I was sold and at that moment I became a "Triumph man" and the 675 has only reinforced that it wasn't the afterglow talking.

    And despite how this post sounds, I promise I'm not a Triumph shill. I'm just a bloke who is being especially lyrical because he has half a bottle of scotch in his guts and who has found a magnificent bike and wants you to know about it. :)