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new Stay Upright course (NSW)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by David@DHill, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Sydney-area newbies like me who commute a lot, might be interested in a new course the Stay Upright folks are running soon at Eastern Creek.

    It's not up on their website yet (I heard about it from an instructor at a recent MOST test day), but is called Slow Speed Control and will apparently focus on braking, slow turns and riding in traffic. Best of all - IMHO - is that it'll include some practice in the skid-pan, which I really need.

    First one is running on January 31. I'm booked in!

  2. How much is the course? Think I might go in on that one.
  3. $299 for (from memory) five hours.
  4. Thats not bad, ill look into it. Thanks mate
  5. all the Stay Upright courses I did, we were always looking across to the skid pan just wondering how we could get onto it :) I hope the course makes it's way to Vic
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  6. Oooooo, worth a look
  7. David

    Please give some feedback and your take on the course rundown next week. I'm very interested in going but this Friday not an option for me.
  8. Having only got my full license 6 months ago I've had to do my L's and MOST courses over the last couple of years and wasn't hugely impressed with the level of training I got so I went looking for other courses.

    There was HART and also Skillmaster. I decided on the latter because they offer 1 on 1 at various locations as well as group stuff. I just wanted someone to watch me and tell me what i was doing wrong and give me some honest feedback and info.

    Have now booked in for my second course. Strongly recommend giving it a go. www.skillmaster.com.au/

    Paul my instructor is an ex-motorcycle paramedic who not only knows his stuff but is a really nice guy. Has totally changed my riding for the better.

    When I look back at what little I knew apart from how to pass the MOST test after my other training, Im amazed I didnt have more offs.
  9. Any feedback yet on the course held on the 31st?