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New start - I'm moving house!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Hey! Lately I've been looking at houses to rent over on the Island...(gotta get away from this house/town/people). I haven't really been happy with most on offer, but last week I went and looked at a place in Smiths beach and it's perfect AND it has views of the ocean. Can lie in bed upstairs and look out at the blue. :) And the upstairs is immaculate and has a huge kitchen and huge deck (with ocean views :) ) . And it's a very short walk to the beach. :)

    Anyway, I just got a call from the agent and it looks like I've got it!!! It's not available till the end of January 07 but that's fine as it gives me time to get organised.

    It's a 12 mth lease...which suits me fine as I'll be either building or buying over the next 12 mths and hopefully by the time the lease is up, I'll have my own place to move into. :)

    Just wanted to share some good news wtih people. :) Smiths beach. WOOT!

    BTW, the driveway's gonna be fun with the bike! Steep. :)
  2. "Ktulu knows my address... so now I have to move."

  3. :rofl: You're onto me!
  4. Thats great news Rosie,
    I hope you and your family are very happy in your new abode.

    BTW, you realise you have to make room for me during WSBK and GP weekend :p
    us V squad members have to look after each other ya know :wink:
  5. That's great news Rosie. How exciting :grin:

    Here's to a new start for you. :angel:
  6. :LOL: Yeah..the house is pretty much just around the corner. Walking distance really, but there's no way I'm leaving the bike at home on those weekends. ;)

    It's a big house and yep...if you need somewhere to stay you're more than welcome. :)

    The girls love the place. We've looked at houses in the past that I've liked but they haven't...and I promised them we wouldn't move into a place until we were ALL happy with it. This one they love. THey've got their own rumpus room downstairs (along with their bedrooms).

    I've got upstairs to myself really. :) Plus my own private little back deck - with more views of the ocean. :)
  7. Cruisingal said:
    Thanks. :) I've found it so hard to make a new start while staying in this house (marital home for 16yrs). It's got to the stage where I really really dislike living here.

    I yearn for that new start. Cutting that final tie to the past. :)

    Plus, I wont be under HIS roof anymore.

    As celebration, I'm bringing along a special drink to share for the Tarra weekend. :grin: Hope there's enough to go around!
  8. Wow! Thats cool... Well done....

    But you do realise that you're moving AWAY from the Inverlock - Cape Patterson Road :shock: :p :LOL:
  9. How excitement!!
    Sounds just like a holiday house.
    Does being a resident get you free access to track? :D :grin:
  10. :( Oh well...there are ways around that you know..."Girls. I'm just ducking in to San Remo to get some milk. Be back in about 2 hours". :rofl:

    im.on.it said:
    No. But I get free access to the track's major events anyway. :p
  11. Congratulations on the move.
    New nests always change ones point of view.
  12. Congrats on the new place Rosie.
  13. Shit hot Rosie, save me some floor space or a spot in the yard.

    Know 100% what you mean about not living in the 'family' hokme after a break up.

    When are you moving? i've got the ute and a trailer if you need help.
  14. Thanks Falcon-Lord and cadbury. :) We're all a bit excited here. :grin:

    Woodsy, you're always welcome at my place. Us harem girls have gotta look after their master. ;) :grin:

    It's available 24th Jan so that's when we'll be moving in...not a single day later. :) A ute and trailer would certainly come in handy. :)
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Well this is all very interesting now... :p
  16. Hey Rosie, that's fantastic news.
    There is nothing like a new start.
    Here's to new beginnings :beer:
  17. Although after riding with Speed and Crusingal on the weekend i some times wonder who's the slave and who's the master :-k
  18. :LOL:

    Hmm...If I recall correctly, there's a biatch as well.... glances at Booga...He has no idea. :rofl:
  19. Need you even think that, oh esteemed great one :LOL:
  20. Well you know what its like when fighting to be burlesque queen :p :LOL: