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New Star Trek Movie

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by OscarA, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Thanks to my wife we were lucky enough to get tickets to a special preview of Star Trek at Crown Casino.
    I'm not a huge fan of Star Trek, Voyager being an exception but with all the hype about the new movie I was keen to see it.
    It lived up to all expectations and by far the best Star Trek movie I've seen.
    It's action packed from start to finish and even has some light humor thrown in.
    My son wasn't able to go, so when it hits the cinemas I'll be going again, don't have a choice as my son wants to see it and somebody has to take him as he's only 8, lol.

  2. Sweet, thanks for the opnion, I wasn't sure wether i'd go and watch it at the Movies.

    So ya rekon its worth the $45 ish dollars at the movies or wait for it on Blue Ray?
  3. That's a hard one, all I can say is I enjoyed it and after the movie most clapped so obviously the audience enjoyed it as well.
    I'ld probably wait till it's been out a few weeks and it's no longer no free list and use some discount voucher or something.
  4. i am having nerdgasms waiting for this one
    i'll see it gold class!
  5. +1.
  6. Theres a motorbike in it so thats my excuse
  7. Nice bike too, I especially liked the rims, :?
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  9. I can't decide if I want to watch the new ST movie in Gold Class or bite the bullet and book an iMax seat... comfort vs screen size... difficult choice.
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  11. Well I went to see the movie last night.

    I remember seeing the very first Star Trek movie and thinking the whole movie was going to be this interminably long fly by of the Enterprise. Look! You can't see wires hanging off this one! Aren't we great with our effects!

    The Star Trek movie franchise has been a little hit and miss over the years - some very good moments and some that were truly cringe worthy. As a fan of TOS, TNG, DS9 and to some degree Voyager (but never really got into the last reinvention), I was interested to see how this would pan out.

    We've got all our original crew members together again, telling their story from the beginning, right from the birth of James T Kirk. Recasting all these roles made famous by Shatner, Nimoy, Doohan, Kelley, Nichols, Takei and Koenig was an interesting proposition and I was hoping it wasn't going to end up being a hollow mimicry of the originals.

    So my fiancee and I went along, and whilst she's seen some Star Trek, she's not really that familiar with it so it was interesting to see her reaction as well.

    What can I say, but it was bloody enjoyable. The casting was excellent (although the young Spock was perhaps a little too familiarly Sylar) and they really made the characters their own. Pick of the bunch were probably Bones and Scotty. You get a chance to warm to all the characters and for the Trek fans there are numerous references and lines throwing to TOS that will give you many laughs. Look out for the red shirt! Action a plenty, none of the heavy moralising from TNG and DS9 and no prime directive. This is a young Kirk as we'd have imagined him to be - bedding a green alien woman, brawling, drinking and breaking all the rules.

    The Enterprise itself is a great mix of old and new - externally very familiar as the original ship and inside updated. You'd almost think the contract for building the bridge of the ship had been won by Apple :LOL:

    Fans won't be disappointed, and Leonard Nimoy returns to play the original Spock. If you've never seen Star Trek its also a great movie to see - you may wonder why some of the fans are laughing at some lines, but it doesn't lessen the experience. This film doesn't plod along like many of the other Trek movies, but is in my opinion, tightly scripted and well paced, with some stunning effects and action sequences. It is a very successful reinvention of the original that ticks all the boxes. There are a few liberties taken that might annoy the die hard fans but still, great fun and breathes a bit of life back into an old franchise.
  12. I have to agree with Bluesuede. And then some. I saw this last night and I loved it. Coming from a die hard Trekkie, that's high praise. Read my review of it here if you're interested.

    Definitely worth the price of admission.

  13. Having just come home from watching this as a whole I'd give it a 9/10

    I don't think any injustices where made against the original cast, and the special effects are as good as I expected, [ loved the scene of the Enterprise rising out of Titans clouds ] to name just one lol

    I did have to explain a few bits to Nadeen though but as a non Trekkie she enjoyed it just the same.

    Now I know they have left it open for yet another movie, but for a die hard Trekkie like myself who loves the time travel episodes and the paradoxes and the mayhem they produce.
    See temporal prime directive :LOL:

    At this stage the movie has destroyed the 'federation' as I know it
    Spocks mother is dead.
    Vulcan is no more.
    There is an old and young Spock ATM.

    I hope the next installment further develops the cast and fixes these little, shall I say oddities :)

    Now I really must say after watching the trailers on the big screen .... Bring on Transformers 2 and Terminator Salvation !!
  14. Old shapes, new skin and scales. The familiar science of the original wrapped up in all-new tech. Very nicely transitioned to meet current special effects demanded by movie goers. Yeah, well done.

    I really enjoyed the movie, despite the, at times, overdone hollywood cliches. If the casting hadn't been good, I think the movie would not have carried them.

    I would not call myself a Trekkie, but I am a fan of Original and Nextgen. The pace of this movie is different from all other Trek movies, yet it manages to capture a rythmn that will be familiar to everyone.

    I read about many people complaining about the "teen angst" and "love interest" bits in the movie, but really they are a tiny part and are a bit tongue in cheek. Actually, I would recommend people put their tongues in their cheeks during these, and other hollywood scenes, so that their individual cognitive subroutines are suspended in the Borg nexus for the duration. That way, you don't have to make harsh judgments that otherwise disrupt your pleasure viewing.

    One thing for sure, however, is that the entire flavour of the StarTrek concept has radically changed, along with the pace. Where the Original series was almost mystical, this new feel is completely materialistic in nature. However, the actors, with the right direction, may yet be developed and matured into what we have all come to appreciate, on a deeper gut level, from historical viewing. There is definitely potential to fulfill our Trekkie tastsbuds.

    If you are a Trek fan expecting to get a specific Trek fix, you will have to let this one go and sit in the corner with your legs crossed so that you can assume a different perspective.

    Very entertaining, tasts like Trek, smells like Trek, feels like Trek, but it's almost entirely different. Nevertheless, very entertaining.
  15. Never watched a minute of Star Trek until I saw this movie, and thought it was tops, fantastic with heaps of action. Loved it. But it sounds like that's the best it has to offer, so I won't watch any TV series :D. :p
  16. Wife and I enjoyed it. Definately got something for everyone.
  17. My Mrs is a bit of Trekkie, so our daughters bought us tickets to this for Mother's Day. As a non-Trekkie I enjoyed it, but she absolutely loved it.