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New Sportster

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cement11, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. At the risk of starting another Harley debate, I am pleased to say that I put down a deposit on a 883 Sportster Custom today. And yes, after reading these informative pages religiously over the past few months, I am aware of the pros and cons (well, I think i am!?). Cheers.

  2. Congrats & don’t be concerned about what people here or anywhere say, if you like it then buy it and enjoy it.
    Remember that the 883 lends itself to being upgraded in capacity very easily with the 883 to 1200cc conversion kit.
    Get all your Sporty info here http://xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/index.php
  3. hey I was down at PS and saw a Sportster that had been modded with flat bars, forward controls, billet stuff, single sites etc etc and I thought hmmmm looks good. Go for it mate,
  4. Good on you!

    Many people here are very closed minded when it comes to bikes. They are often the same kind of tosses who's head is shoved so far up their arse they forget what riding is all about because they can't see through the top of their leathers which is now protecting the top of the shoulder/neck area where their aforementioned head is.

    Anyway, enjoy it! If I was to buy a harley that'd be the exact one I'd get. Now build a flat-tracker out of her!
  5. Thank you all for your support and advice!!!
  6. hey Duhast is the conversion very expensive??
  7. The conversion kit for 883 to 1200cc is USD$499
    But there are other things you can do as well, very naughty things like a Stage 3 engine kit that will have sport bike owners jaws drop when you blitz them at the lights :LOL:
  8. hmmmm now I am excited!
  9. Hey cement...congrat's on a fantastic purchase! I saw one of these the other day - pretty damn funky looking. I like. :cool: I like so much I would even consider getting one when that day comes. :cool:
  10. ....like lumping in a big-arse S&S motor that will make it wheelstand just under power :shock:

    nice purchase mate, people who knock harleys continuously have been known to score (on average) 10 less points on IQ tests :p :p :p
  11. im not knocking harley and davidson in general, but i hope the new ones are better than the 1974 883 sporty i bought as a project bike.
    the idea being fix the oil leaks (har har), give a spit shine and sell for profit, because it had been garaged after a professional rebuild some years before. what a nightmare; the kickstart shaft was supported by a case made of biscuit-like alloy which kept being broken and replaced (and broken and...), the "professional" who'd rebuilt it forgot the o-ring and washer in the end of the forks, he'd re-installed the push-rod tubes incorrectly, forgot a major piece in the kickstart mechanism - the list goes on. whatsmore, when i removed the kickstarter shaft, it was bent like a banana AND actually twisted along its length. say what you will, but americans cant (or atleast couldnt) grasp metallurgy. and, after a brand-new gasket set and every sealed surface being ground flat, the thing still spewed oil. the worst part about the experience was the price of any spares - something like $180 for a gasket set alone.
    also, be careful because apparently the larger models - maybe not the 883, not sure - have been known to rattle one of the gearbox securing-bolts out, and the torque from 1500-odd ccs does strange, expensive things to aluminium
  12. Gee Flash, the bikes have evlolved numerous times since then :p

    Anyone who gets post 04 Sporty, being the rubber moutned one, has got a great bike that will last many years and can become customised to the owners taste.

    Congrats on the purchase cement and look forward to some pics.
  13. hmmmm, does THAT explain the puzzled look on the rice-girls' faces down the back street in St kilda, George??? :LOL:
  14. Hey Flash the 1974 sporty never came out in a 883 config, the 883 is an EVO motor that came out in 1986 and is still in production today, the '74 sporty had a an Ironhead motor and came out in a 1000cc config only.
    If you don't know exactly you had purchased and it had also been butchered and you couldn't fix it within your estimated budget to leave you with a profit then i suggest you where out of your league trying to turn over a quick buck.
    Making money from cars or bikes is simply the art of finding an idiot to sell to where they wont be in the know of the true condition of the bike/car and their market values, you didnt find your idiot, but someone obviously found you.
  15. Well i personally wouldnt buy a harley, but then you obviously wouldnt by a ZX12R. I would like to think we are a ll riders, from a scooter to a goldwing. I get annoyed at people judging others because of the wheels they choose. Congrats on the sporty, enjoy and stay safe.
  16. I am buying the 883 stock, although I have read a bit about Stage 1-3 upgrades. Are the upgrades expensive/difficult to do?
  17. That's pretty cool that you can get a bolt on kit to up the cc's.

    Oh and the Sportster is cool, very cool, though the V-Rod is probably the only Harley I'd ever buy
  18. wouldnt go the v-rod they go fantastic they look fantastic but they scrape on every corner if your two up, apparently the street rod has fixed this problem and will actually handle alot better

    The MRA president in canberra has said (not first hand information) the street rod is the only harley he will buy, because he has never riden a cruiser that has handle as good ever, and that it out performs alot of bikes he has riden over the years
  19. I personally can't wait to get a Harley, however I am on 22, I think when I have a greater respect for bikes and 4 kids, then I think I shall be asking for one for my 40th birthday. Until then I shall be just admiring the beautiful sound they make!

    Congrats on the purchase too! Any bikes a good bike!

  20. Now that's a freakin' mod! :shock: Why isn't there something like that for the VTR250 :p.

    Without trawling through that site (I'm feeling very lazy at the moment) can you give us a rundown of this stage 3 engine kit Duhast?