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New SportBikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cbar6, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. So 12 months have pasted and new bike time, so in the market for a new 600 or 750. Thought it would be good to get lots of info from others looking for the same bikes(ZX6R, GSXR, CBRR, R6 ect.) on prices they have been quoted from dealerships.
    Me... well
    ZX6R05 $14500+ORC
    CBR600RR05 $15300+ORC
    R605 $ 15200+ORC

    These prices are very average and am not happy with whats being offered out there. My question to u? what have yous found?

  2. For a couple grand more you've got yourself a brand new thou. You should be able to find some 04 floor stock at great prices.

    Else any of the bikes you've said are going to blow your mind. Ride them all and buy the one you like the most.
  3. i got my 05 r6 for 13,500. If you are willing to deal, you can really work the rrp. (i could have got cheaper if I wasn't so desperate!) play one dealer off another for the best result I find.
  4. Cool,
    Well am bikeless as of last week so rather keen to get new one. Would like to have new bike in two weeks time. Its just so damn hard as all bikes i am looking at ride great, look great and are priced relativly equal. i cant wait to purchase and for this all to be over! :-<
    almost sold on Cbaa, but can have gixxer 7fity for around same $$ which only makes it all more complicated. just waiting for dealer to give me a good price on Cbaa to seal my mind.
  5. + orc - sorry should have qualified. about $14,200 to fang away. I spent another $1k on aftermarket garbage.
  6. Well thats a good buy can you enlighten us into your buying tips? How did you arrange such a deduction from the rrp price of $15100 or there abouts?
  7. How? Buy a Triumph ya goose.....
  8. from what I can gather these rrp things are a very flexible. I told my dealer that dealer X could do me this amount, they slightly bettered it. If they smell an easy sale (especially if you get their finance, (which i didn't) finance is where they make the bulk of their money) they are happy to get a bike off the lot.

    Give them your number and tell them to give you a call if they can give you a good deal - then walk away. They WILL call you, and better the offer, no sweat. There are several thousand k between the RRP and what they buy them for - work that margin. A shizzle margin for them is better than no margin at all.

    The key to buying any new bike is to be patient and shop around for the best deal. Don't sign anything till you are confident you have em by the balls. A yam dealer hates another yam dealer getting business over them, not so fussed it a honda dealer gets it though - use this fact to your adv.

    Let's face it, your going to have to throw money away on insurance anyway so best to save as much as you can.

    I'm no expert on buying though, best do your own research and be patient.
  9. better buy four, spare cylinder for each!
    or rather, replacment bike for each time I get cleaned up in the slow lane buy a GPZ2fity
  10. HA! ya just a couple of jealous bastards truth be known.
  11. To right mate,K4 Gixxer Thou = $15,500 ride away. Or if ya prefer a smaller bike,the K5 Gixxer 750 is an awesome bike,will be about $15k + on roads im guessin'.Im gettin a K4 Thou', freakin bargain for the money... :p
  12. so gixxersrule, where u get 05 gixx for 15500 ride way? this could swing me from honda to suzi
  13. K4 1000 mate,not the K5! :LOL: K5 1000s are $20k ride away,lol! :LOL: K5 750s are $15,500 + on roads there abouts. If you can get a K5 1000 for $15,500 ride away,please let me know asap! :LOL:
  14. scooter - is the new Daytona 650 available now? Because on paper it looks like a ripper deal compared to the Jap bikes, and most mags seem to think Triumph reliability is as good or better these days.
  15. Oh ok, so you would say that a K4 gix750 @ around 15000 ride away is achieable from dealers in melb then?
    What and where r u getting da 1K at?
  16. You should be able to get a K4 750 for about that mate,no worries,just crunch em,you might get one cheaper. :D Im gettin my K4 1k from Peter Stevens in Ringwood mate,but i know the manager pretty well,so i should be able to get it down a bit more with some talkin. :D :p 8)
  17. Thanks dude, am seriously considering the gixxer, have ridden an K3 750 before and was sweet, whay r hondas so expensive? really like the 05Cbar6, overall im between the 05cbar6 and the 04 gixx 750, but the value for money of the suzi makes it so hard to choose!

    Anyone elso out there with these bikes wanta give me some advise? budget is 16K
  18. No worries mate,i hope ya become a 'Gixxer Man' i promise you wont regret it! :D Hondas are expensive cos show ponies ride em and dont care what they pay in general and Honda know it.lol! :LOL: (I'll get flamed 4 that no doubt! :LOL: ) Mate,just take both for a test spin and see what you prefer,the Gixxer will have more grunt,but the CBR will be a tiny bit more nimble.Good luck with it man and happy buying!! :p :D 8)