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New Speed Zones announced in Vic

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Smitty, May 1, 2006.

  1. Speed limit changes announced

    May 1, 2006 - 4:53PM

    Fewer speed zones but more speed signposts will be phased in on Victorian roads to make driving easier and safer.

    The changes are designed to help motorists recognise what speed zone they are in.

    Advance signs will be put up ahead of 40 kph school speed zones and strip shopping centres, alerting drivers they are approaching a slower speed zone.

    Repeater signs will also be erected within the lower speed zones, reminding motorists of the lower speed limit.

    As well, advance signs will be introduced outside country townships warning of the upcoming speed limit. They will replace the "buffer zones" of intermediate speeds currently used.

    For example, 80 kph speed limits outside a township will be replaced by warning signs as motorists prepare to slow down from a 100 kph zone to the 60 kph township limit.

    Country communities will be consulted on ways to minimise the number of speed limit changes, especially around 40 kph school zones.

    Announcing the changes today, Transport Minister Peter Batchelor said 40 kph school speed zones would still be retained.

    source -The Age

    not sure if this is an improvement or not :roll:
  2. In Principle i think the idea may have some merit except for this

    It means that as you approach a town to stay leagle and not be slowing down premeturly (thus insighting the wrath of sodding impatient tailgaters) you will have to be jamming the anchors and dropping 40kph

    Oh yeah this isn't going to cause issues... NOT!
  3. This has to be the stupidest idea that they've come up with for a while. Instead of cars slowing from 100 to 80 to 60 they'll instead be trying to wash off 40kph right on the edge of town. Can't see how this could possibly make the roads any safer - but I can see how it might dramatically increase speed camera revenue (booking people for 30-40 over is far more profitable than just 10-20). I'd like to know how much replacing all these signs is going to cost - I'm sure that money could be better used on something that might actually make a friggin' difference to the road toll.
  4. Sorry to be a dissenting voice, but this is the system that has prevailed in NSW for many years, and it works well.

    As anyone who drives into Victoria from other states would agree, I'm sure, the multiplicity of speed limits, often in quick succession, is confusing at best and stupid at worst. And let's not even start on the mileage signs that indicate how FAR you've gone from Melbourne, not how far you have to go to the next town......
  5. The problem here is that you seem to care what the "sodding impatient tailgaters" think? Let 'em sit back there and swear and rant all they like, or, they can fly past and you can toot at them as they get written up by MrPlod :LOL:
  6. *sniff* *sniff*

    Can any of you smell that?

    I think....................


    It's an....................

  7. but it won't change the speed limits within towns?

    Try driving from one side on bendigo to the other on the main raod. Did it a year or so ago. 16 changes in speed limit!

    i think the proposed plan sounds good...... if you are approaching a township then slow down... if the guy behind you gets in a tizz.. thats his problem, he can overtake if it's really causing him anguish.. (you'll catch up at the 1st set of lights though)
  8. I must congratulate the Victorian Government for finally listening to what the public has to say! Some may recall the request for feedback on the current state of our roads, aswell as speedlimits and enforcement... and at the time quite a few people (myself included) put quite a bit of effort into writing our replies; making them more than simple one liners 'Brack is a $#%', in an attempt to actually get something done!

    I for one included the excessive and complicated change in speed limits as one of my key points, and as such am quite glad someone took note! I'd also like to see the other changes suggested accepted, or atleast know why they were knocked back.

  9. Indeed, Koma. I would like to know why they failed to consider the (undoubtedly) many proposals for sensible speed limits on our freeways. If 85mph (136km/h) actually saved lives on highways in Texas, why are we still stuck below 70mph (110km/h)?

    It's obvious the Government is aware that fatigue is the real killer on roads like the Hume, when every 5km there's a rest stop, and a sign telling you to Stop, Revive, Survive. How about we try knocking 2 hours off that trip to Sydney with some more realistic speed limits?
  10. Agreed, and in fact those of us old enough will remember a time when there were no "buffer zones". The reality was that most people quite happily decreased their speeds in time to cross the line (and those that didn't? Well they never intended to slow down anyway :roll: )
    This aspect can work just as well as the buffer IMHO.

    No problem with this:
    "....Announcing the changes today, Transport Minister Peter Batchelor said 40 kph school speed zones would still be retained. "
    Just not sure it answers my gripe about certain maliciously anti-transport councils delcaring entire suburbs 40 zones, however. It's time the power to fix zones was handed back to trained professionals. Not idealogues with an axe to grind :evil:
    I'm still hoping the detail includes some sensible rationalisation.
    And yes, as Vic says, it surely must be election time...
  11. I dont think you fully understand the full implications, nothing new :roll: nor do I think we have the same probs.

    But I may be wrong :LOL: :wink:

    From what I have read and heard on the radio today is that they are going to increase the up down up down speeds.

    This is pure revenue rasing from the C@CK SU#KING :jerk: , knob jockeys IMHO.

    From what thier road engineers have been telling them that it will continue to confuse motorists as too what speed to do and will potentially increase traffic jams as it stops free flowing traffic.

    I agree with more signage and slow downs near kiddies etc these are good things. But to have a sign say do 80 for 300m then decrease too 60 for 500m then increase to 100 its pure madness. There are heaps of these examples now that they have started to fiddle with traffic management.

    A classic would be the reduction heading too Sale. It used to be 110. Then for some reason they dropped it back to 100.

    Now you have too travel half way there to enter the 110 zone again.

    But my all time fav is the road coming out of Frankston towards Cranny where you hang a left at the round about to go too Dandenong.

    You go along in a 60 then it ups too 80 drops back too 60 and then about 400m from the roundabout it pops upto 100........LIKE WTF

    Cheers :cool:

    P.S. and where do you reckon the speed cash registers are placed :wink:
  13. This was in the days before Speed camera budgets, now with every one so paranoid about speed the behavior will most likely be a lot more varied, and thus... more dangerous. Personaly i think the 20kph decreases is prety cool, the endless up and down i have seen on some roads (I have seen worse in Queensland than we have BTW) that could definately do with some cleaning. I'll have to wait and see whether or not this is done well or just bollocksed up like most goevernment progects (No particular side of government being targeted in this statment, they are all drips)
  14. I like the idea of 60 zones that go straight to 100. 60's the highest speed I can pick up a wheelie in first, and it'll come back down at 100. Result.
  15. I'm going to reserve judgement until I have experienced the new zones 1st hand.

    I can see it being good or bad probably mostly dependant on how other motorists treat the change.
  16. hang on its the goverments fault we get caught speeding ......jesus I forgot that.
    yep steve bracks twists my throttle for me and i have no brains or commonsense and i need 4 million friggin signs to tell me to slow down and if there isnt then its there fault if i get caught.

    grow up people , you twist the throttle on and off and if you cant slow down by the time you get to the sign a 100 metres in front of you then hand in your licsense.
  17. I'm not that young that I don't remember the good old days (when I first got my licence ) when there were only 3 speed limits 60, 75 & 100, nice and simple. Now we have 40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110..........any wonder drivers can't concentrate on the road. How many others have gone past a sign and gone, SH%T, what did that one say?

    Titus, they told us here that they mde the 40kmh zone permanant because they are not allowed to make timed 40kmh school zones (i.e. only when school is coming in or out) on roads with a regular speed limit of less than 60kmh. So to do it they would have had to increase the normal speed limit to 60kmh, which they weren't prepared to do. So now we're stuck doing 40kmh past the school even at 10pm on a Saturday night. :mad:
  18. I would agree if you get stung for speeding there is only one person to blame.

    My gripe is the continual speed changes within a short period, that is against the road engineers advice. But whats new.government not listening to the qualified professionals. And the government then taking advantage of such situations.

    Cheers :cool:
  19. Glen no one here has made coments about speeding and being caught. People are saying that the changes being mentioned will increase confusion increase danger because of people interpereting how to behave diferently and so on. Twist the wrist pay the penalty, but miss an other sigen in the flood of them and that is a bit of a P in teh A...
  20. If a rider cant discern from what should do in regards to slowing when approaching a speed sign he should give it up .
    if a rider can change and adapt to changing condition he should give it up.
    if a rider cant read and adjust his actions to the traffic then he should give it up.
    if a rider needs 12 signs instead of 1 sign to say you are approaching a 60 zone or a built up area then he should give it up.

    its not just about speeding , its about motorcyclist screaming and whinning about everything playing the victam card all the time.
    yes there are genuine cases , ie lanesplitting case , TAC levy etc , but jesus people have to start excepting a bit of responsability for the riding habits and the way they ride.
    we have advisory signs in 100 km zones saying its a 35 km corner and we slow for it , not only by seeing the sign but by reading the conditions .
    do we really need 4 signs dropping us down to 35 kph so we can take the corner ?
    cutting down unessacary signage cuts confusion, confusion breeds danger .
    if you cant ride a motorbike without haveing to have your hand held with 250,000 signs then you need to give it away .