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New speed cameras (not good for bikes) WA.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Victriple, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Sorry if this is a double post, have not seen it around, and search was fruitless.


  2. Re: New speed cameras (not good for bikes)...

    God isn't that RAC member a spineless bastard...are these pricks getting kickbacks or what!
  3. Re: New speed cameras (not good for bikes)...

    Here on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, they have just installed 2 fixed speed cameras and a point to point speed camera on the highway to Brisbane. Up until now, they have only had mobile speed cameras & speedguns.
  4. Re: New speed cameras (not good for bikes)...

    Quote 'RAC head of member advocacy Matt Brown said surveys of WA motorists showed most people strongly backed the introduction of more speed cameras.' Quote

    Hang onnnn!!!!

    I know this guy. I bet he's planning on leading us on the biggest MB hoon trip eva.

    Brownyy, you're a Dead Man!

    Ha Ha!!

  5. Re: New speed cameras (not good for bikes)...

    Yeah, this article is from WA, but can;t be long before they're here.
  6. Re: New speed cameras (not good for bikes)...

    i get frustrated by this... when will they realise that maybe they should take a different approach instead of using more speed cameras.

    they need to think this through a bit harder rather than solving the age old problem by installing a camera that takes the pic of back and front... honestly what difference will it make.