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NSW New speed camera on the Harbour Bridge

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by snuff3r, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Passed them as they were installing them today, right before the Arthur Street ramp onto the bridge heading south (from Berry Street). It's about 50m after it goes from 80 to 70.

    Glad I saw it too, it's almost impossible to see and i'm always going past that pylon at 80.
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  2. Is this the bus lane or the ones heading to the western distributor?
  3. ****ing ****z
  4. I couldn't see the new one this morning. Only the bus lane cameras.
  5. The bus lane one is past the one they were installing yesterday, about 30m.

    Unless they're installing another bus lane one? Maybe i got it wrong. It looked like it was facing the two lanes that head onto the bridge... Hmm, i'll be crossing again next week, i'll take a look at it.
  6. Bus lane cameras need 2 cameras installed 100m apart, if u get done by both cameras you'll get a fine, your allowed to be in a bus lane for 100m to turn left or right, bur being on a bike you have no dramas
  7. The camera they were installing was only about 20-30m away from the other one. The box didn't have its insides in it but to me it looked it like was facing to the other side of the island it was on, away from the bus lane.
  8. Was there any sign up the road? Someone call the rta.

    HopeThey don't put one there - riding in that bus lane is bad enough having to watch out for idiots cutting across your lane from both right and left then for the taxis when you get past all that. Goood to know the rta has my safety in mind, I've been doing it all wrong by actually watching the road , I should be starting at my ****ing speedo.
  9. In fairness, not on the bridge they don't.

    If it's a speed camera, signs will be put up before it is operational so no need to worry there. My guess is it's probably just for monitoring.
  10. ****ing better not be a speed camera. i guess we will just have to wait and see if a sign goes up before we know for sure. better not be, i really enjoy speeding there.
  11. I went over the bridge yesterday and heard a strange beep about 50m before the tolls (in the bus lane). Have been wondering what the hell it was, better have not been a speed camera!!!!! (may have been 3-4 over if that).
  12. Checked it out over the weekend. It's a secondary bus lane camera. Sorry for the wrong info. Seems they had it pointed in the wrong direction whilst they were installing it, when i went by.

    I've often wondered why they don't have a speed cam down near the toll gates. The drop from 70 to 40 would easily catch out a tonne of commuters. I don't think anyone slows down till they're almost through the gates.
  13. Don't give them ideas
  14. 70 to 40 is total overkill, which no one obeys anyway.

    the eastern distributor awhile back had a collision, a car was rear ended into a toll booth, the occupant died. the car that hit the other car? a 4wd i believe....ban them first
  15. What's funny is that they won't remove the toll booths as they are apparently heritage listed as part of the bridge. FFS.
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    Really? That's farking retarded.