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New southern sandgroper (Bunbury)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by itdepends, May 30, 2008.

  1. Gyday all- I'm older than your average new biker- 32 at the moment. But I've decided it's time to toss my old gas guzzler and get a bike which I've always wanted- but has always been a big no no from the missus.

    Anyway- with a little 250 to start off on- between her 4wD Pajero and my motorbike- we'll average 2 normal cars in fuel consumption.

    Should get my learners early next week and have started looking for a bike and researching gear. Saw a nice Virago in Bunbury (where I live) for only $4K with just over 5,000 on the clock- but the seat is too small for my bum. Besides- the missus reckons I look better on a VL250 (and I find it more comfortable to sit on).

    Yeah I know they're cruisers- but having a very laid back driving style- it feels more natural to me.

    Anyway- great site- great group by the looks and heaps of info.


  2. Hey Daniel,

    Its a great site isnt it. I'm only new here too, but still, welcome in.

    I am still a few weeks from my booked pre Learner course. You're a little ahead of me .. I still dont know what type of bike I want .. maybe not that laid back as a cruiser but I dont want a real head down position either. Oh, and dont worry you're older than the average new biker, I'm 46!

    Power to the learners!

  3. Yeah but you guys have to go through a lot more to get your L's and P's over there. My understanding is that I only need to do a 15 question quiz- get 12 right and cough up some cash and I'll get my L's (mind you having my car licence already helps). I didn't even have to make a booking.

    On the down side- I'm restricted to 250's for a 95kg frame

    Good luck with yours though.

  4. Southern Sandgroper eh?


    Welcome to the two-wheel world from the Sunshine Coast. Older than the average biker eh??? Hey, I'm 50+, female, been riding 2 yrs, other 'arf just bought me a Suz. GSR600 Cerise customised paint job - prev. owner did that - (selling my Kaw.GPX250). Love the new 600, I'm 1.575m tall and I can touch the ground yay!

    My advice - 1. do yourself and wife and family a favour insist they buy you an advanced road rider training course. 2. Buy a membership to PBF in case you have a life-changing 'off' on your bike. PBF head office is in WA, google PBF - Paraplegic Benefit Fund - a great organisation. Hope you NEVER have to use it!!!

    The ARRT courses are fabulous. You find out just how much you don't know and you could possibly learn something that may save one's life. Personally I believe these courses should be mandatory.

    Enjoy the ride and ride safe always.

    Di :grin:
  5. Thanks for that Di- I'll check into the PBF. RE courses- I'll certainly be taking lessons- the dilemma at the moment is that I don't want lessons until I've got my riding gear- and as I may be buying a new bike as well- I don't want to buy my gear till I get my bike (due to the potential for higher discount on my gear if I buy as a package).

    Decisions decisions :grin:


  6. Well dropped in to the RTA today and got my learners- took me longer to sit through the instructions for how to do the test- than actually doing the test.

    All passed- first lesson should be Friday- looking forward to it. :grin: