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new (soon to be) rider.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cosi, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. just posting to say hi to all you guys, i've been following posts here for the last few weeks but decided to register and step into the community!

    still looking at bikes to buy.. looking at the >5000 range probably with not much fairing.. ( don't know much about bikes :-O )

    booking in my l's soon at HART.. once i have the cash :)

    p.s. do you need to book much in advance for HART?

    thanks guys
  2. Welcome Cosi!

    Not sure if you have to book far in advance at HART, but just book in soon!!!! Don't wait too long before joining the L-unatic gang.....

    As for what bike to buy and not wanting much in the way of fairings - go for the Honda VTR250. Can get an excellent buy around the $5K mark, but get your gear first, then buy the bike!!!

    Check out the Bike Reviews section for all the info on the VTR250 - Ace little machine that one!!!! Of course, no bias from me \:D/
  3. Welcome Cosi :)

    Get booked in with HART as soon as you know what's goin on, cause sometimes there's a wait.

    I hadda wait 4 weeks for my Ls, and that's a millenia when you've got a bike sitting in your garage :(
  4. Welcome Cosi

    :D :D
  5. Good on ya for getting your L's cosi, great fun, best decision i've made in my life so far :D
    And good to see another younger rider about i feel like pre-schooler round these guys, and a GIRL too, veri nice :).

    Anyway good luck with ya testing, and as far as a bike without much fairing.......... i dunno i don't like em :p.

  6. G'day Cosi

    Welcome and enjoy.

    Is that 5k for the bike, or bike and gear?

  7. wecome to two wheels mate!

    check the VTR's out for sure. goodluck :biker:
  8. haha err im a guy. sorry if i miss lead ?

    i suppose i'm lookin at another 1.5 for gear hey?

    there are alot of cbr250's around, how much does 3rd party cost? i havn't checked out insurance yet. I'm looking for a sportsbike though, currently i drive a vr wagon but i don't use the space anymore, so hopefully someone buys it, god damn :|
  9. Lol sorri mate.

    I got good quality pants,boots,gloves,jacket and helomet for $1000, i think a grand should do fine but never hurts to spend more if you can.

    I check out 3rd party on my bike, when i first started and it was aroiund $650 not sure what a cbr would be but as lnog as it wasn't a grey import it'd b sumin liek that.....
  10. Welcome aboard :D
    I hope you find the bike of your dreams
    Lisa :twisted:
  11. Howdy and welcome Cosi!

    Where are you from mate?
  12. croydon south.

    im still looking at bikes..
    suzuki gsx250 ? :p
  13. or kawasaki zz-r!
  14. Welcome to the forums Cosi, go the GSX250F, you won't be disappointed ;)
  15. Hey cosi, I second what Flipper wrote and she's got two of them in her driveway at the moment. :wink:

    :D :D
  16. That reminds me, better see if yours starts in the morning :shock:
    LOL, just kidding :p
    It's been great this week, get ready for work and have a choice of 3 bikes!!! :D
  17. YEY!! go the across!!!! (just don't get a teal one, eh Grommit :D )
  18. Welcome Cosi!

    I did my L's at HART about 3 weeks ago now and loved it. They are very good, and go through everything.

    The GSX250F - AKA My Man Bag :p Is a great bike, well hasnt let me down so far. There are a few of us who have them. Deb, Lids, Maria and Myself who are regularly at Friday and Monday coffee nights.

    If you have the time, pop down to a coffee night and sit on some bikes, there is generally plenty to choose from and plenty of people to chat to about them.

    Good Luck and Safe Riding :)

  19. see the sticky post in the rides and event thread called "friday night coffee "
    come in and meet everyone , and check out some of the differant bikes .
    you can speak to the owners , sit on them get a feel for them for size , weight hieght and have a coffee and get to know everyone .
  20. Cosi - as you are in the SE definitely take a look at Motorcycle Training Academy in Dandenong (http://www.motorcycletraining.com.au/ ). Several netriders (myself included) took our l's there and everyone has given rave reviews. They also provide a netrider discount (see https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners - 10% off).

    As for bikes - have fun choosing! Lots of good learner bikes out there so keep looking, sit on many, ride the ones that feel comfortable and that you can 'see yourself on the road on' etc.