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New (soon to be) rider - Canberra, ACT

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Xyptero, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Hey guys
    Just about to sign up for an Ls course and get into riding.
    I'm 21, have been driving for a few years now (automatics - I know, I know, but my parents owned autos and I didn't want to buy a manual just to learn on one), and have decided to start riding.
    Current experience: Nil. I sat on my uncles' stationery bikes a couple of times when I was about 13.
    Intended bike: no idea. Looking for something that'll hold up on the various 100km roads around the ACT, but I'll say more about that when I make a thread in Bike Reviews, Questions & Suggestions. KTM Duke 390 looks very enticing, but that's based entirely on half a day of internet research and various people being excited about theirs.

    So... can't think of much more to say here.
    Hopefully I'll see some of you around, firstly on the messageboards, and then on the roads!

  2. Welcome Jason, Where are you doing your Ls?
  3. Canberra. I filled that out in my profile, assumed it would show on my avatar :p

    As far as I can tell, ACT motorbike licensing is handled by Stay Upright in Queanbeyan (just outside Canberra):
  4. Howdy Jason and welcome to NR. Learned so much from these forums and I'm sure you will too.
  5. Welcome mate, re bike choice - wait until you've done your learners and ridden their bikes to give you a baseline, then go to bike shops and sit on all those you like to get a feel for body position, weight of the thing etc. short list them, check your list on NR and other sites for reviews and feedback, (and now for the fun part) go ride all those still in the mix. Find what floats your boat and satisfies your basic riding criteria. Enjoy!!
  6. Hey Xeptero. Welcome to NR. I am also new to riding (approx. 4 months). chillibutton, makes a very valid point.

    A mate and I went for our licences at the same time. He went around to all the bike shops and sat on a fair few until he chose his Ninja300. I stupidly brought with barely sitting on it (RS125)...wanted the RS250 but they are not LAMS approved.

    Although I love the bike I have, never new the aggressive riding position can get pretty tiring on long rides. Having said that...nothing puts a bigger smile on your face when your going around the twisties.

    Get your permit and try as many bikes as you can!