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New SMIDSY Technology From Subaru...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. This article appeared in Fridays Cars Guide suppliment in the Melbourne Sun.
    It's a press release showing off their new EyeSight technology. EyeSight is a driver assist device that is meant to warn the driver of dangerous situations.
    Apparently the technology works for other cars, children, pedestrians and cyclists but it cannot see motorcyclists.



  2. I'd say that's a mock up image for press release, not really the base to judge actual capabilities of the technology. Id say if it can sense the little kid, it can detect the motorcyclist.. you would hope anyway.

    Lets wait until a official report eh?
  3. The system is smart enough to know that the motorcycle in that picture does not present as a danger. It is on the opposite side of the road and unlikely to move in front of the car. The pedestrians and cyclist are crossing in front of the car and therefore a potential collision hazard.

    The black car is in the same lane and is a potential hazard.
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  4. Fair enough, I understand that.
    My original post was, dare I say, slightly "tongue in cheek" although I do find it slightly odd that it's always the poor dude on the bike that never gets seen.
  5. Hey TBAN27, I think you have a point but. Given the lady crossing the road has been picked up as a potential hazzard, so should have the bike. In particular if the driver was going to turn right or suddenly had to swerve to the right because of a hazzard approaching from the left.

    I would think that the system does pick up bikes as well, just find it odd that they haven't outlined the bike in the ad as well. Would want to see it in action somewhere.
  6. The woman is moving in a direction that crosses the path of the car and close enought to present a collision hazard.

    As for this turning/swerving right you are reading too much into it.

    The lamp posts and pot plants are as much a hazard as the oncoming motorcycle. I suppose the m/c could fall over when the rider stops to give way to the pedestrians and bicycle. Should that happen I'm sure it will then register as a hazard.
  7. This stuff doesn't work, it just gives bad drivers another out.

    I've been to several Volvo demonstrations of the system and it only works in perfect conditions - no fog, no rain and only in daylight for starters. Consider all of the other variables of the driving environment and these systems can only ever be a compromise.

    My other rants still stand - tell people they are safe and they will take more risks and become more complacent.
  8. I agree.
    In not so long we'll be hearing SMMCCDASPDSY. (Sorry mate. My computer controlled driver assist safety program didn't see you)

    :) :) <----- I've inserted some smiley faces this time.
  9. The computer only looks forward to hazards like you not breaking when rapidly approaching on something, or accelerating hard when the thing in front of you isn't moving.

    Could stop maybe being rear ended but as for the typical lane changing SMIDSY, this doesn't change it at all.

    In fact, this might even put a stupid thought into peoples minds where "Ohh the computer will deal with it" and become more reckless...
  10. It's a scooter, doesn't count.
  11. =D&gt; +2
  12. regardless of the real capabilities of the system the fact that the picture in the original article doesn't show the scooter as highlighted is a symptom that nobody gives a fuck about us.