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New signs on freeway from Geelong

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Driving back from Warrnambool this evening I noticed a lot of new covered up signs next to or directly above the right hand (fast) lane on the Princes Freeway from Lara to Laverton where I turned off.

    They're not doing something silly like a transit lane are they??
  2. Not sure what they are doing, but there is a lot of them. They started putting them in about 1 month ago, but they are all still covered up. I'd like to know what they are doing.

    Hopefully it's something about keeping left, as hardly anyone does it and it drives me fkn nuts!
  3. nearly. They're to keep trucks out of the right lane at various points. not sure when they're going to be unveiled.

  4. Ah ha, Remember that now.

    A dim light in the back of my head seems to think a July change in the rules??
  5. Transit lanes fine by me **AS LONG AS MOTORCYCLES ARE ALLOWED**
  6. Theyre going to bring in a new law to cover the same ground that the fail to keep left law they dont enforce already covers.
    Its designed to keep trucks out of the right lane, when what they Should be doing is keeping slow traffic out of the right lane and enforcing the keep left unless overtaking rule.
    Easier to fine trucks with camera's than put cops on the road.
  7. This is part of an email I receved some time back regarding the new signs.
    "Please be advised that the new truck lane restrictions for heavy vehicles (exceeding 4.5 tonnes) travelling along the Princes Highway between Laverton and Altona will come into effect at 0001 hours on 1 July, 2010.

    A robust and targeted advertising / public awareness campaign will precede the introduction of the new legislation, which applies to the 38 kilometre stretch of the Princes Highway only at this time.

    The infringement against this legislation will be by way of Infringement Notice for the offence of Disobey Traffic Sign (Road Rules) $117 and drivers breaching the law regarding this offence will incur no demerit points."

    I was also told that a ticket for failing to keep left could be given.
  8. Are the signs there because the rule is being introduced progressively? As distinct from just gazetting the rule and having it apply?

    If so until it applies universally there is going to be a hell of a cost in signage. Gov't may need a few more cameras up to pay for it.
  9. As of July 1, 2010 it is only for the 38 kilometre stretch of the Princes Highway between the Ring Rd and Geelong way. However over time it will be expanded to other highways around the Melbourne CBD. As I said to you the other day I'm surprised all the new overpasses being built that there isn't a camera being installed.
  10. From memory the trucks will be restricted from using the right hand lane on freeways with 3 or more lanes.

    It will be rolled out gradually with the freeway from Altona - Lara first cab off the rank.

    I just wish they'd bring it in on the Burnley Tunnel NOW so the trucks keep out of the bloody right lane on the climb out of the tunnel slowing everyone down to 20km/h because they can get up the hill.

    There was a thread discussing this subject several months ago.
  11. Yep i can confirm it as i saw the green covering was fallen off one of the signs and it was a no trucks in the right hand lane sign.
    About bloody time, during peakhour you have trucks occupying every lane and slowing traffic to a crawl as they work their way through the 18 gears they have .
  12. Well today is Day 1 for the new rules.

    Despite the complaints by the truck drivers on talkback we shall wait and see how this goes.
  13. I agree with the sentiment that they should simply enforce the "Keep ****ing Left" rule instead.

    I forgot that this was being implemented today. On the way to Geelong this morning, I thought "Jeezus that truck is tailgating the driver in the second lane, who is doing 90. Why doesn't he just overtake instead of bullying the guy"...then literally seconds later I heard in the radio that the law came into effect today.

    Whereas if they enforced the Keep Left rule instead, this truck could have overtaken the car and we'd all be happy. Meanwhile I had to overtake on the left the usual average of three cars who sit doing 92kph in the RH lane!!
  14. I wish they'd put it on the Monash! For some reason it's the only freeway they aren't talking about introducing it to?!
  15. Saw it on the news & the truckies are complaining!!
    Haven't they got enough lanes they can block???
  16. If this was targeted at bikes, you guys would be going nuuuuuuuuts.
  17. Well according to Ken Lay we aint even supposed to be lane changing as that's a hoon activity.
  18. If bikes consistently blocked all the lanes, slowed traffic and caused general congestion then it would be fair enough.
  19. Having driven trucks and considering myself a pretty thoughtful operator where holding people up is concerned, I'd like to say the following:

    I could count on one hand the number of times I held traffic up through poor decisions on my road position - the number of times I moved to the right lane to overtake a slow car, only to have them speed up beside me, resulting in me dropping back and changing back to my original lane and subsequently having the car drop back to 85-90 in front of me, is absolutely mind boggling - it wends up being a drag race of wills between a speed limited giant and some 'tard with an attitude problem...

    The majority of truck drivers are good operators hamstrung by F-witts in cars...

    I travel through both the Burnley and Domain tunnels several times a week and I hardly ever get to do the posted limit - CAR drivers slow as far as 20kph below the posted limit scattering trucks in to all lanes in an effort to maintain momentum for the climb out - of course the get boxed in to their lanes and lose momentum and end up holding the entire show up but will CAR drivers give them room to get out of the way...??? Oh no, that'd be akin to courtesy on our roads and we can't have that...
  20. They do at times, just like trucks. And cars. And Buses. And Taxis. And Tradesmen utes and ...

    See what I'm getting at?