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New Shoes (updated)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tunelliner, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Hey there...
    I think i may have 500-1000 more KM to go before i have to give my little hornet new shoes

    what tires would u recommend me to get for my little hornet? and how much would that put me back.

    I think they are 130/70ZR16 fronts and 180/55ZR17 rears?

    thanks guys.. =D

  2. Others will give you more 'informed' advice. as these are my first experience with road tyres.
    ( Tyres were NOT new when I purchased her, but looked like they havent done many klm's )
    I've clocked up 7,000km in 6 mths, and the tyres look like they'll do another 7,000km. Albiet mostly commuting, and I am a pretty passive rider. This is what I have on the hornet:
    Front Tyre: Metzeler Sportec M-1 130/70 ZR16
    Rear Tyre: Bridgestone Battlax BT020 180/55ZR17

  3. That's a pretty big front tyre mate :p
  4. Only use it when riding backward :LOL:
    :oops: >>Front Tyre: Metzeler Sportec M-1 130/70 ZR16
  5. hahah thanks
    so does anyone know around abouts how much it would put me back to replace both tires :oops:

    thanks in advance
  6. around $500 roughly
  7. I run Bridgestone BT-014s at the recommended size on the front (you can't get the BT-021 in 16" size) and BT-021s at the recommended size at the rear. I usually pay around 300 fitted for the rear, and 200 fitted for the front. I get around 12,000kms out of each, but the front wears quicker due to being smaller, and the BT-014 being a softer compound.
  8. Very happy with the pilot roads, I found that the front bt-014 wore out far too quickly for my liking (in an afternoon of twisty riding on a 30 degree day), but the back was very reliable.)

    The best bet - Get a set of tyres, run them through it's course, then switch brands. You'll find things you like and dislike, and then once you've done a few tyre changes, you'll get a better idea of what _you_ like.
  9. will do thanks guys
    i don't think they make pilot roads in 130/70ZR16, although i might be wrong
    thanks for the feedback guys
  10. If you like a bit of twisties riding as well, try the Pilot Actives, if they're still about. Good fun for flicking it side to side, but also decent all rounders, from my experience. Just don't want to do pure commuting on them or they're probably more likely to square off a bit.
  11. I've got Michelin Pilots of some description up front. It's due for a change though...
  12. It depends on the riding you do, if you commute a sport touring tyre like the Michelin Pilot Road 2's would be the go, if you tend to do most of your riding in the twisty stuff and rarely commute then you may want to look at a pure sports style tyre like the Pilot Power. I have used both and for good all round use I couldn't go past the Road 2's...they had no problems with 140 rwhp and offered a very good wear rate, great grip in both the wet and dry and reasonable prices for a pair.
  13. thanks guys
    sorry about being a pain
    but how do pilot sports compare?
    are they a cross between roads and powers?
    I don't think Michelin makes Roads2 in 130/70ZR17

    The types of riding I will be doing is varied i guess. I will be commuting a bit, to and from both Uni and work, and a bit of a spirited blat maybe up to twice a week
  14. When I got the Actives, it was the 250 version of Pilots... cross between roads and powers, or something. Talk to the shop about what options you have for your bike.
  15. If you have a Hornet 250 the factory tyre sizes will be 120/70/17 and 180/55/17...at least thats what I used to run on my old one...in fact both my Blackbird and Superduke run the same size tyres...this seems to be a fairly common combo as the other halfs GSXR-600 uses the same sizes :)
  16. The 250 Hornet has always had a 16" front tyre


    You are kidding, aren't you?? :roll:.
  17. My mistake Paul I thought they were 17" on the front :)
  18. After todays social ride, i can now officially say that i need a new rear shoe for my bike.

    however, i can proudly say i got rid of the chicken strips that were left behind by the previous owner
  19. ok i have an UPDATE!!!!
    i am getting ContiForce's fitted this weekend
    under 380 for both front and rear fitted and balanced

    apparently they are nice rubbers for such a low price :)
  20. I have no idea what they're like. Let us know how they perform :)