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New Shoei XR1000

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by JP, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Bought my first helmet today. Don't have my bike yet, but I wanted to start getting my gear. I went to three stores in Parramatta. The first 2, Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket and Action were useless, no help at all. I went to Bikebiz and the customer service there was awesome! I ended up getting a Shoei XR1000 for $600 which is a bargain, and a pair of gloves. I really recommend Bikebiz, as a first time buyer of motorcycle gear the service I recieved was exceptional. Now time to go find a bike!

  2. Nice choice in helmet !
    Hope you allowed for bed-in, and got a size that fits kinda tight.
  3. MCAS are good if you know roughly what you're after and are willing to look around yourself. The staff are nice but typically there's little service unless you specifically ask for it (at least in the clothing area). They have a good range though so it depends on whether you want/need the personal service.

    Bikebiz have a decent range and they're pretty good in the MC sales side of things. Best bet is to compare the prices from BB and MCA on their websites. Some of the jackets I was looking at were over $100 difference between the two.
  4. @ VCM - Yea well I tried on lots of differnt sizes and different brands. Once I settled on the helmet I liked I tried on a Large, that was way too big, then a Medium which I thought was a bit snug, then a Small which I couldnt fit my head into lol. Then the salesperson measured my head and said that yes I was a Medium so I'm confident I got the right size

    @ Zeddicus - Yea I see where your coming from, all 3 places had nice gear, it just helps when someone actually comes over to you and asks if you need any assistance, and because I'm a total noob I need lots lol.
  5. MCA was alright in their service. They did come and ask several times if I needed help but when i did ask a couple of questions they didn't seem to answer them properly..

    Action Motorcycles didn't help me at all.. i think i stood around looking at their stuff for about 20 mins and then i just said F this.. i'm leaving.

    BikeBiz was really nice... and unexpected. The guy that helped me was this massive guy with tatts all over him. But he was really nice and informative..

    A little service goes a long way i suppose.
  6. I've also got an XR1000, but I prefer the old RF900 - it's quieter (probably because of a deeper chin/neck area) and more plush when placed on my head. I hate it when you find the perfect helmet and then they stop making it.
  7. I got my latest lid from Bikbiz online. Top level of service, couldn't have asked for better.